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Sharing models of thought

Reasoning, rationality and problem-solving

Guest seminars on Integrative Thinking for Academics
Guest seminars on Integrative Thinking for Academics

DCIT offers a seminar series on "Foundational Models of Human Agency" in which academic guests present their research on formal models of reasoning, rationality, and problem-solving for other academics.

Fall 2012

Date Speaker Topic
Tuesday, September 17 Philipp Strack
University of Bonn
Optimal Stopping with Private Information
Tuesday, September 24 Dov Samet
Tel Aviv University
Non-Bayesian rationality
Tuesday, October 15 Antonio Penta
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Tuesday, November 5

Bruno Strulovici
Northwestern University

Tuesday, December 10

Phil Reny
University of Chicago


Wednesday,  March 19

Alexander Wolitzky
Stanford University



Spring 2012

Date Speaker Topic
March 13 Antonio Penta
University of Wisconsin
“A Robustly Efficient Auction”
March 20 Tomasz Sadzik,
New York University
Agency Models with Frequent Actions:
A quadratic approximation method

(joint with Ennio Stacchetti, NYU)

Fall 2011

Date Speaker Topic
October 4 Amanda Friedenberg
Arizona State University
Iterated Dominance Revisited
joint with H. Jerome Keisler
October 18 David Ahn
University of California at Berkeley
Combinatarial voting / The Condorcet Juries Theorem
joint with Santiago Oliveros
October 25 Maher Said
Washington University, St. Louis
“Progressive Screening: Long-Term Contracting with a Privately Known Stochastic Process”
November 22 Joe Halpern
Cornell University
Beyond Nash Equilibrium: Solution Concepts for the 21st Century
December 6 Leeat Yariv
"Collective Dynamic Choice: The necessity of time inconsistency"
joint with Matthew O. Jackson

Spring 2011

Date Speaker Topic
March 15 Bart Lipman
Boston University
Costly Self Control and Random Self Indulgence
joint with Eddie Dekel
March 22 Tai-Wei Hu
Kellogg School of Management,
Northwestern University
Complexity and Mixed Strategy Equilibria
April 26 Tilman Borgers
University of Mihcigan
“An optimal voting system when voting is costly”

Fall 2010

Date Speaker Topic
November 23 Marcin Peski
University of Texas
(now University of Toronto)
Axiomatic Foundations of Harsanyi’s Type Space and Solution Concepts
joint with Jeff Ely
November 30 Marciano Siniscalchi
Northwestern University
Recursive Vector Expected Utility
December 7 Adam Brandenburger
New York University (STERN)
“Epistemic Game Theory”
December 14 Ed Green
Pennsylvania State University
“Dominance Correspondence on Finite Games”

If no link is provided to a paper, the presenter has indicated they do not wish the paper to be disseminated.