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The Discipline of Integrative Thinking
The Discipline of Integrative Thinking

Real-time problem solving for the real world

Solving complex problems requires the ability to synthesize and engage different perspectives, stepping outside of a particular viewpoint to achieve superior outcomes. Integrative Thinking invites you to hone your thinking to reach revolutionary new ideas.

Integrative Thinking is a discipline and methodology for framing and solving real-world problems, and it's the basis of the new pedagogy embraced at the Rotman School. In an increasingly complex world, achieving successful business solutions using the old “tried and true” methods is becoming ineffective. By learning to think in the abstract—purviewing the scope while taking in every detail—one breaks through traditional models of thinking to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Integrative Thinking is an open source method for framing and solving real-world problems, that comes with a unique set of tools to help you thrive in a multi-faceted world.

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Learn how successful leaders think

We developed Integrative Thinking by finding out how the best minds think. Here's a quick introduction to the adaptive thinking behind Integrative Thinking.

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Integrative Thinking

in the Rotman curriculum

The pedagogy

Integrative Thinking is a teaching methodology woven throughout the Full Time MBA program. Integrative Thinking courses are also included in the Executive Programs and Morning and Evening MBA curriculum. Learn more about how you can start honing your Integrative Thinking tools, and about the Self Development Lab - a set of voluntary modules within the FT MBA Program that bridge the gap between academic studies and real life.