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FinTech Innovation: From Robo-Advisors to Goal Based Investing and Gamification

October 23, 2017
Paolo Sironi, Thought Leader - FinTech, Investment Analytics & Wealth Management, IBM Watson Financial Services


FinTech Innovation Book CoverBOOK SYNOPSIS: Business models are changing in profound ways, and the impact of these changes is reaching further than many expected. Keeping pace has become a survival skill for financial advisors globally. Social media, big data analytics and digital technologies are disrupting aspects of the wealth management industry that have been taken for granted for millennia. Practitioners need to examine this revolution in detail in order to understand the mechanisms at work. In FinTech Innovation, Paolo Sironi presents an analysis of the tectonic shifts, as well as the more subtle changes and offers clear insight into the implications of this transformation. The book lucidly describes the rise of financial technology, illustrating the massive changes already underway to transform wealth management into an industry that is much more efficient and client-centric. The book also provides insight into the changes that are yet to come. In FinTech Innovation readers discover:

  • The technological forces at work behind the rise of FinTech
  • Why investors may become the price-makers
  • How regulations are driving changing business models

Information asymmetry has dominated the wealth management industry for centuries, keeping the manager/investor liability neatly in balance—but this is changing rapidly, and understanding and preparing for the repercussions must be a top priority for wealth managers everywhere. Aimed at financial advisors and planners, wealth managers, financial technology companies, as well as bankers and consultants, FinTech Innovation provides the readers with insight required to succeed and thrive.

As of July 2017 we are five years into the FinTech r-evolution. In his talk Mr. Sironi will identify key lessons learned to achieve innovation success by answering these 3 questions:

  • Do you want to be a FinTech to disrupt or grow?
  • Do you want to go digital (PULL) or stay physical (PUSH)?
  • Do you want to bundle or unbundle financial services?

PaoloSironiBIOGRAPHY: Paolo advises IBM clients on business model transformation by linking finance (FIN), regulation (REG) and technology (TECH) to harvest ROI for digitisation strategies. He is elective member of IBM Industry Academy and recognised author in FinTech Innovation, Investment Management, Capital Markets and Risk Management. As a pioneer in FinTech innovation, he founded a FinTech joint-venture (2008) to transform personal finance and joined IBM (2012) following the acquisition of funding partner Algorithmics, itself a world leader of risk management solutions. Paolo was previously head of market and counterparty risk modeling at Banca Intesa Sanpaolo. Author of bestselling “FinTech Innovation” (Wiley), “Modern Portfolio Management” (RiskBooks), "Financial Advice Transformation" (PF), co-author “The FinTech Book” (Wiley). Author's page