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Undergraduate Courses:

RSM316 - Machine Learning



MGT415H5F - FinTech

The course has two main objectives. First, it will introduce students to the emerging field of FinTech. We focus on two main technological innovations, blockchain technology and machine learning (which relates to artificial intelligence), that facilitate this transformation and that these FinTechs use. We will study the process of founding and financing of a FinTech startup. The second objective is to give students the opportunity to develop a viable FinTech product idea, based on a thorough analysis of the business models of two to three successful FinTech firms


Graduate Courses:

RSM2318 - FinTech

The course explores the business models, financial strategies, risk management and technologies used by successful FinTech startups and established Financial Services Corporations. There are 5 modules: comprehensive overview of FinTech innovations, compressive overview of Consumer and commercial payments and lending FinTech, Insurance FinTech, Wealth Management and Capital Markets FinTech and Regulation FinTech; protecting financial innovation intellectual property and FinTech regulations; key FinTech technologies, including blockchain, machine learning, API, cyber security; and, the actual development of an idea into a Minimal Viable FinTech Product with industry expert mentorship. 


RSM2511 - Innovation in the Marketing of Financial Services 

Based on presentations by fintech founders and senior decision makers at banks, case discussions and lectures, this course explores the number one issue for CEOs of every major financial institution: the onslaught from a wave of well-funded, disruptive startups looking to carve off their most profitable lines of business. The course addresses this from the perspective of disruptors, established financial institutions and venture capital firms, looking at issues of customer segmentation, positioning, product development (including minimum viable products), pricing, distribution, scaling of offerings and competitive insulation. 


RSM2321 - Machine Learning and Financial Innovation

The course focuses on how machine learning has impacted innovation in finance. Topics include unsupervised learning, supervised learning, and reinforcement learning. The course will go over models that implement the learning methods, these include k-means, ridge, lasso, elastic net, random forest, SVM, and etc. 


RSM4324 - Financial Innovations

The course goes over current innovations finance. Topics include blockchains, FinTech, and artificial intelligence. Discusses the impact and potential uses of blockchains and artificial intelligence in finance. FinTech discussions include robo-advising, ICOs, payment systems and etc. 


RSM6313 - Innovations in Financial Technology