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Modules and Bootcamps

FinHub provides course modules and bootcamps to bring students up to date on current tools and knowledge. They are either part of a course or a stand alone lectures.

Python Bootcamp

A bootcamp designed to introduce students to Python and data science with a focus on its applications in finance. Completion of this bootcamp allows the student to complete the case studies in here.

This bootcamp will run at the beginner of a semester so students are able to complete the case studies during that semester. Topics include basic programming in Python, loops, lists, if statements and popular Python packages for data science. There will also be a section on basic data science techniques. 


MGFD40 - Investor Psychology and Behaviour Finance (Python Workshop)

This course contains a mandatory Python workshop as the main programming language used is Python. Topics include: collecting data from the web using APIs and common financial database, manipulating data sets, visualizing data, form weighted portfolios, perform statistical analysis, and evaluate trading strategies. There will be four marked Python assignments given to test one's Python knowledge and problem solving skills. 


MFRM, MFIN, and BCom Blockchain Module

Discusses blockchain architecture, how a transaction is done on a blockchain, comparisons of different blockchain implementations by current cryptocurrencies. Also goes over the problems with blockchain and the proof of work algorithm. Additional topics includes tokens and crypto-economics.