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Finhub: A Canadian Founders Podcast

Welcome to the Finhub Canadian Founder Podcast! Our goal is to promote and inform students, educators, and industry professionals in the Fintech industry. We aim to raise visibility with the broad financial and technological ecosystem in Canada and beyond.

About your hosts

Badra Gufhran Ramadhan

Badra is a second-year MBA student at Rotman who holds BBA from Japan's Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. Passionate about fostering an environment of collaboration, he currently serves as the Graduate Business Council (GBC) Clubs Manager. Prior to his MBA, Badra spent 3 years in the banking industry, working as a Relationship Manager at MUFG Bank. This experience enabled him to drive business growth across diverse industries, including financial services, automotive, and logistics. His passion towards innovation has led him to explore strategy and transformation initiatives, namely in the Digital and FinTech spaces.

GuanHua Wang

Guan is a second-year MBA student at Rotman, where he is a FinHub Fellow, Chief Investment Officer of the Rotman Student Investment Fund (RSIF), and VP of Partnerships in the Rotman Negotiations Club (RNC). In his second year, Guan is participating in Rotman’s Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) as a student advisor to a CDL venture, in order to explore his strong interests in tech, finance, and entrepreneurship. Prior to his MBA, Guan served as a Logistics Officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force for 11 years, having worked in various bases and positions across Canada.

Ibrahim Agiri

Ibrahim is currently enrolled in his second year as an MBA student at Rotman School of Management, with a concentration in Strategy and Innovation. In addition to his studies, he serves as a fellow in both the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) and the Financial Innovation Hub (Finhub). Prior to his MBA, Ibrahim's professional background was in Nigeria's eCommerce, payments, and lending sectors. There, he built and led multiple teams to address a variety of customer issues within the industry.

His interests now extend to the Canadian fintech sector, and he is actively engaged in several initiatives. These initiatives include open banking, fostering discussions aimed at resolving financial issues faced by new immigrants, promoting the global expansion of Canadian fintech companies, contributing to the startup scene, and exploring opportunities within the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

Pranav Kumar

Pranav, a second-year MBA student at Rotman, holds an undergrad degree in Computer Science and has had an expansive career in government administration, banking, analytics, and large-scale change management. Working across industries and functions, Pranav managed high-performing teams to increase community growth and drive innovation through digital transformation. His keen interest in strategy and transformation drove his decision to pursue an MBA at Rotman, where he sought to gain global exposure. He's a member of the Dean's List and serves as VP – Case Competitions for the Business Technology Association and VP- Allyship for the Women in Management Association.

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