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Research with results

The academic study of healthcare and the life sciences is a key strength of the faculty at the Rotman School, who share their groundbreaking research, published work and authoritative insight into an exceptionally wide range of health sector issues.

Past and current research at the Centre has focused on:

  • The commercialization of life-sciences products and services
  • The role of the private sector in healthcare delivery and technology
  • Alliances: public-public, private-private and public-private
  • Performance management, governance and control
  • Organizational redesign and system integration
  • Sustainability of public funding in Canadian healthcare
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Featured Research

Please find below a selection of recent articles and commentary by Rotman faculty, each focusing on a different management challenge in the sector.

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Research Fellows

The Research Fellows at the Rotman School pursue research on management challenges in the health and life sciences sector.

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Research Briefs

Our faculty have prepared summaries of their academic research to highlight key insights for practitioners across the health sector.

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Research Roundtables

Research roundtables provide a setting for faculty to present their research to other faculty, both at Rotman and other departments at U of T, as well as students and practitioners curious about the research-based insights that faculty can provide. The Centre holds at least two Research Roundtables annually, each for a half day.

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Research Grants

Announcing research grants to support Rotman’s thought leadership in healthcare and the life sciences.

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Health Data and Statistics

Recommended resources for research related to entrepreneurship, startups and commercialization: from science and technology literature to market research and patents.