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Global Manager Initiative

Global Manager Initiative (GMI)


Students will learn all the aspects required to drive the internationalization process of a firm. The program consists of three parts: 


1. Rotman Course: RSM 2123 - International Business in the World Economy

The course RSM 2123 - International Business in the World Economy - co-taught by Professors Bernardo Blum and Walid Hejazi, develops the  theory required for the internationalization of firms. By focusing on the economic challenges and opportunities firms face when engaging in the global economy, this course presents the knowledge managers must have to navigate a company’s internationalization process. The course discusses the concept of comparative advantage, and the introduces students to the costs of trade, tariff and non-tariff barriers, free trade agreements, the creation of global supply chains, protections for intellectual property, consumer preferences and tastes, and the management of exchange rates risks.

2. Take Practical training, and work with companies on their internationalization process

Students that completed or are currently enrolled in RSM 2123 - International Business in the World Economy as described in item 1, are eligible to enroll in an Independent Study Project (ISP) supervised by Professors Walid Hejazi and Bernardo Blum. In this ISP, students will participate in practical training on how to prepare a company to participate in international trade. This training ensures students understand all of the practicalities of actually selling to the global economy.  Thereafter, students will be matched with a specific company and will help this company prepare to export. These companies will take part in an international trade mission, which will mark the implementation of their internationalization strategy.

3. Accompany a Canadian company abroad on a government-sponsored trade mission, with financial support

Students completing the ISP described in item 2 are eligible to accompany the company they worked with during their ISP on the international trade mission, with financial support provided by Rotman.   During the trade missions, students will shadow the CEOs or senior managers of the company they worked with, including attending meetings, and visiting local or global businesses that may be available. The students’ activities during the trade mission will be supervised by the professors. 

During the 2022/2023 Academic Year, MBA students participated in the following Trade Missions:

SmartCity Expo World Congress Barcelona (November 15-17 2022)

Expo ANTAD Mexico 2023 (March 7 - 9, 2023)

Paris Air Show (June 18-25, 2023)

Students that participate on the Global Manager Initiative by completing the steps 1-3 are eligible to become an Institute for International Business Fellowship holder. This involves being listed on the RIIB website, and mentoring students in the following year.