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Policy and Economic Analysis Program


The Policy and Economic Analysis Program (PEAP) is funded by member subscriptions and is designed specifically to communicate the results of policy research to businesses and governments and to provide members direct access to analytical tools – principally the macroeconometric models – developed at the IIB. All members receive PEAP's Policy Study and Memo series of electronic publications featuring short-term forecasts and long-term projections for the economies of Canada and Ontario, as well as macro policy oriented commentary and analysis.


Membership in PEAP will be of value especially to corporations, government departments, and trade organizations. Access to PEAP facilitates strategic planning and analyses of alternative macroeconomic policies and external economic environments. National short-term forecasts are released quarterly. Longer-term projections for Canada and Ontario, currently extending over 30 years, are prepared at least twice a year. Policy studies and memos examine ongoing developments in the economy and major evolving policy issues - both with the macro models and using alternative methods of analysis. The longer-term focus of the program, the special coverage of Ontario, and the policy-oriented structure of the models all combine to make PEAP membership an excellent tool for any organization interested in examining a wide range of possible macroeconomic scenarios and in testing the sensitivity of scenarios to alternative policy and external developments.

PEAP Conferences

PEAP holds semiannual conferences exclusively for members. The conferences always feature analysis of the current macroeconomic outlook, together with presentations of other work ongoing at PEAP and by colleagues at the Rotman School of Management and the Department of Economics. Recent presentations have included:

• "The World Economic Outlook from Project: LINK" by Peter Pauly, Rotman School of Management.

• "The Credit Crunch: What Went Wrong? Why? What Can Be Learned?" by John Hull, Rotman School of Management.

• "Debt, Deficits, Growth and the Euro Crisis" by Laurence Booth, Rotman School of Management.

• "An Introduction to the Economies of the Middle East" by Walid Hejazi, Rotman School of Management.

• "Financing Health Care in Canada" by Mark Stabile, School of Public Policy and Governance and Rotman School of Management.

• "The Impact of Immigration on the Canadian Economy" by Peter Dungan, Rotman School of Management.



Peter Dungan, Professor 

Peter Dungan is an Associate Professor Emeritus of Economic Analysis and Policy, with cross-appointments at the Department of Economics and the School of Public Policy and Governance. He is also the Director of Rotman’s Policy and Economic Analysis Program. His research concentration is on computer simulation models of the Canadian and Ontario economies. He also forms the backbone of an ongoing program developing both short-term and long-term economic forecasts for Canada and Ontario.

416 978 4182


Steve Murphy, Research Associate

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