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Sustainability One Pagers

The following documents are meant to act as quick introductions to key corporate sustainability issues.

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What Is The Lee Chin Institute?

  • Find out more about the Lee-Chin Institute and how we approach sustainability.
 What is Impact Investing?
  • Find out more about how investors can invest in and promote sustainability and ESG practices.

What is Social Enterprise?

  • Find out more about how businesses and organizations are finding business and market based solutions to social and environmental problems.

What is Social Innovation?

  • Find out more about how innovative businesses and entrepreneurs are working to develop solutions which propel sustainability practices for the benefit of society.
How do Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence (AI) work together?
  • Find out more about how AI might be applied to social and environmental challenges.

How do Sustainability and Blockchain work together?

  • Find out more about how blockchain intersects with sustainability.

What are Green Bonds?

  • Find out about financing tools used to raise funds for environmental and sustainability related projects

What is Carbon Disclosure?

  • Find out about how some companies measure and report on how much carbon they emit (and why it's important)

 What are Stakeholders?

  • Find out what stakeholder and shareholder are - and how their actions relate to corporate sustainability and responsibility