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Welcome to the upcoming speaker series listing. Each year, Rotman hosts about 100 public talks by international bestselling authors, top management executives and other influential thought leaders. We hope you'll join us for one of these remarkable events.

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  • Experts Discuss “Canada’s Trade Diversification Strategy: Can It Happen?”

    Speaker Series


    The recent renegotiation of the NAFTA has highlighted the risks to Canada of being overly concentrated on the U.S. market, where 75% of Canada’s exports are destined. The Canadian government has now appointed a Minister of International Trade Diversification with a mandate to both increase and diversify Canada’s trade beyond the US market, and increase Canada’s exports to markets in Asia, Europe, Latin America and beyond. This session will involve three leading voices discussing this important government policy objective.

  • Mo Lidsky on "Selling Snake Oil: Investment Lessons from the World's Greatest Frauds"

    Speaker Series


    Mo Lidsky (Rotman MBA'11), CEO, Prime Quadrant; Author, on his book Selling Snake Oil: Investment Lessons from the World's Greatest Frauds (Gatekeeper Press, 2019).

  • Michael Hallsworth on "The Future of Behavioural Insights"

    Speaker Series


    Michael Hallsworth, Managing Director - North America, Behavioral Insights Team (BIT), Honorary Lecturer, Imperial College London on "The Future of Behavioural Insights". This event is SOLD OUT. There is no waiting list

  • What Role Should Market-Based Environmental Ratings Play in Capital Markets?

    Panel Discussion | Speaker Series


    The Canadian Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance noted, ‘Financial markets will play a fundamental role in directing necessary capital flows, managing complex risks and unlocking economic potential Markets work best when assets are properly valued; however, in today’s market economy, climate factors are often mispriced and climate risks are generally underappreciated.’ Markets are responding, with firms expanding their voluntary environmental reporting, and third-parties producing investor-focused environmental ratings for firms. Our ½ day session will describe the current state of environmental disclosure and investor-focused ratings. Are these ratings affecting issuers, investors and governments? What determines environmental reporting and investor-focused ratings? What are the risks and opportunities of this capital market response?

  • Lisa Taylor on "The Talent Revolution: Longevity and the Future of Work"

    Speaker Series


    Lisa Taylor, President, Challenge Factory, Inc.; Author on her book The Talent Revolution: Longevity and the Future of Work (by L. Taylor and F. Lebo for Rotman-UTP Publishing, 2019).

  • 13th Annual Post City Real Estate Roundtable - “Home Prices in Toronto”

    Speaker Series


    Over a decade ago our experts saw no end to rising home prices in Toronto. Find out what our housing heavyweights think now! Prices year-to-year are falling for the first time in a long time. Will we see a buyer’s or seller’s market this Spring?

    The China impact - are trade wars and politics causing a damaging ripple effect in the luxury home market in Toronto? Will the micro-condo trend continue? What is the next big thing in condo development in Toronto? How can we solve Toronto’s affordable homes problem? And lots more…

    This event is sold out. There is no waiting list.

  • A Symposium for International Women’s Day

    Panel Discussion | Networking Event


    Join the Consulate General of Japan, the Centre for the Study of Global Japan, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto and the Rotman School of Management for A Symposium for International Women’s Day. We will have 3 expert panels who will discuss Innovations in Advancing Gender Equality: Diversity and Inclusion in STEM/STEAM, Gender Equality in Post-secondary Institutions, and Gender Equality at a Global Scale.

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