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Rotman's HR Business Partner Certificate

Your organization’s biggest asset is talent, and it is the role of HR to leverage that talent for strategic priorities and long-term success. Take the time to develop your skills and transform from an HR leader to HR business partner with Rotman’s new HR Business Partner Certificate.

Earn your HR Business Partner Certificate from Rotman

We work closely with our HR advisory group – a carefully selected collection of senior Canadian HR leaders across the public and private sectors – to develop programs with one goal in mind: helping human resource leaders enhance their thinking, make better decisions, and become a trusted ally. Complete three programs to earn your HR Business Partner Certificate.

Why a certificate?

  • Recognition as a valued strategic contributor to the organization
  • Increased visibility as an ally to internal and external stakeholders
  • Deep insights into the impact of HR decision making to the bottom line of the organization
  • Ability to translate data into useful information for the leadership team and board
  • Promotes the organizational brand as committed to diversity and transparency in hiring practices

You will also receive

  • A discount offer you can share with friends and family
  • Exclusive invitations to special HR-community events
  • Access to the online Rotman community

Targeted Learning


Financial Analysis
for HR Professionals

Human resource professionals with strong financial skills out-perform their counterparts.

Investing in your development can provide you with a better understanding of your organization's big-picture priorities, how each interrelated aspect of the business connects and overlaps, and gives you the ability to contribute to the bottom line.

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Onboarding & Coaching
for HR Professionals

Organizations around the world have struggled to survive the new normal. Prepare your organization to thrive.

Rethink the way you lead so you can adjust your talent development practices and build a stronger, more inclusive and supportive culture in your organization from the top down.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
for HR Professionals

As a human resource professional, you're tasked with being the architect of your organization's culture.

Create an environment where employees from all backgrounds can thrive.

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People Analytics for HR

In just four days, develop the ability to cut through jargon and improve performance.

Data and analytics are not a replacement for great HR – they're complementary tools that can and should be applied to inform decision-making and improve results.

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How It Works

Complete three of these targeted HR programs in any order to earn your HR Business Partner Certificate.

When you complete your third program towards the certificate, tell us you would like to earn your certificate by emailing and asking for your HR Business Partner Certificate. For further information contact

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