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Leadership is a long-term commitment

Executive Director Stephanie Hodnett suggests we should change the way we think about leadership development.

The most iconic leaders of our time have one thing in common: a life-long commitment to continuous improvement.   

"To be effective, leaders must reveal their vulnerabilities."

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Stephanie Hodnett, Executive Director of Rotman Executive Programs at the Rotman School of Management, knows a great deal about leadership development. Prior to joining the Rotman School she spent over a decade as Vice President of Content Development and Learning Services for Zoologic Learning Solutions where she oversaw development of corporate training programs for professionals at 500+ financial institutions, MBA programs and Fortune 500 organizations worldwide.

In the Globe & Mail, Stephanie argues that the people most resistant to leadership training - those who feel we should already know everything there is to know about being a good leader - would benefit the most from such programs. 

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