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Rotman Blockchain and Decentralized Finance online program

Gain the necessary knowledge and practical tools to navigate a changing financial system.

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The explosion of the fintech market over the last decade has demanded an ever-increasing level of expertise and knowledge, and many traditional finance firms are being left behind. With decentralized finance and blockchain technologies revolutionizing the way financial services are provided, technology is playing a vital role in business success.

The Rotman Blockchain and Decentralized Finance online program will equip you for the future of finance. Explore how blockchain technology is transforming the financial sector, from decentralized exchanges to lending, borrowing, and more. Over six weeks, you’ll gain a holistic overview of blockchain and decentralized finance, and learn the basic functionality and economic mechanisms that drive these technologies. Make the move to future-focused financial systems with leading insights from esteemed faculty and industry experts.


Apply NowOngoing offerings | $2,500 CAD + HST

Key program takeaways:

  • Develop your understanding of blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi), and learn how it will affect your business and processes
  • Learn how to navigate the decentralized finance landscape with a practical set of tools, techniques, and technologies
  • Discover how to interact with blockchain and decentralized finance
  • Learn how to leverage blockchain technology to launch new business opportunities
  • Gain the ability to assess the risks of managing and integrating blockchain into your business

What you'll learn

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Andreas Park

Professor of Finance, Department of Management, University of Toronto

Professor Andreas Park received his doctorate from the University of Cambridge and currently serves as the research director at Rotman’s Financial Innovation Lab, the FinHub. He also co-founded LedgerHub, the University of Toronto’s blockchain research lab, and has worked as a lab economist for the Blockchain stream at the Creative Destruction Lab. Andreas’s current teaching focuses on topics such as payments innovation, DeFi, and financial market trading. As of now, his research interests lie in the economic impact of technological transformations such as blockchain technology. Andreas has had his work published in top economics and finance journals such as Econometrica, the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial Economics, and the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.

Apply NowOngoing offerings | $2,500 CAD + HST

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Date and fees

6 weeks online, excluding 1 week orientation

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Ongoing offerings

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Participant profile:
Professionals at all levels, from finance, IT, and a range of other industries, who hope to transform their operations with decentralized finance and blockchain technologies. While a mid-level understanding of investing terms and processes is encouraged, a formal background in finance is not required.

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$2,500 CAD

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