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Coaching & Influencing Mastery

Influence others at all levels and deepen your leadership practice.

With the rapid evolution of organizations across industry leaders face new expectations and heightened responsibility. Not only are they expected to provide skillful coaching to their own team members, they also have to give feedback to colleagues at their own level.

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With organizational complexity and interdependence increasing every day, it is key to be able to get others on the same wavelength and perform more effective leadership up, down and sideways. Your team relies on having a leader who can tackle difficult interactions in different contexts with equal amounts of confidence and skill.


Learn. Apply. Revise. 

This highly interactive three-day program consists of an initial two-day workshop at Rotman followed by thirty days of practical application in the workplace and then a one-day follow-up back at Rotman. By learning, applying what you’ve learned, and then returning to the classroom you will be able to learn from others, refine your coaching practice, and deepen your learning. Before the program, you will ask people you work with to fill out a confidential questionnaire to provide feedback on your effectiveness.

Stay in the loopWe'll let you know when we've added additional dates for this program

A deposit of 50% of the program fee is required at time of application. The balance of the program fee is due 30 days after receipt of invoice or 30 days before the start of the program, whichever is first.


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3-day intensive program with 30 days of practical application

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Leaders at all levels with a commitment to reach the next level of performance

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