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Melissa Magder

Melissa Magder

Melissa Magder

Principal Consultant, Cultures in Motion


B.A., M.A.


Melissa is a Cross-Cultural Consultant, Coach and Trainer with more than 10 years professional experience in Human Resources. She has traveled to 35 countries across 5 continents and has a Master’s Degree and Honours B.A. in Psychology. Throughout her career Melissa has developed a Recruitment expertise working for organizations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, BMW Group Canada and Unilever Canada. She also lived in Melbourne, Australia, where she worked for an international employment services firm.

Melissa has incorporated her personal passion for travel and culture with her HR knowledge and background by developing an expertise in the area of cross-cultural training and coaching. Coming from a corporate environment and being trained as a Canadian HR professional, Melissa has spent the past 5 years helping both foreign trained and Canadian professionals understand the expectations of the Canadian recruitment process – from resume writing and interview skills to HR negotiations.

Melissa has delivered hundreds of training programs to corporate, non-profit and government agencies on topics related to Diversity, Cross-Cultural Communication and Culturally Inclusive Recruitment Practices. The intercultural programs she has developed and delivered include helping organizations work more effectively in a multicultural workplace and servicing culturally different clients. Melissa has delivered keynote presentations at conferences throughout North America and has authored several articles for trade publications, print and web media.

Melissa’s overall objective is to help both foreign and Canadian professionals understand the ways that cultural differences influence workplace behaviours and help Employers drive organizational success through opportunities derived from a culturally diverse workforce.