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Our corporate partners are looking for talented people like you.

Corporate Partners

Founding Sponsor:

Since 2010, TD has been an unwavering supporter for women in the Back to Work program with their transition back to their careers.

Career Transition Partner

LHH has been instrumental in their career support for women and generously supported the program since it was founded.

Business Partners

  • These organizations have committed to participating in the Back to Work Digital program, learning about the women in the program, sharing information about their organizations and the overall employment landscape as well as providing opportunities to connect with current employees.
  • Learn more about these organizations, what it’s like to work there as well as the types of roles available
  • Learn about the overall employment landscape from HR experts at each of these organizations through a panel discussion
  • Connect with executives from these organizations during online networking sessions

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Return to Bay Street Award offered by Women in Capital Markets

Graduates of the Back to Work program can bypass other eligibility criteria to apply for the Award. More details available here.