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The Intercultural Leader

Harness Your Team’s Hidden Potential 

About the Program

Exclusively for working team managers. Gain unique expertise to give yourself and your team a performance edge.
Develop actionable strategies become an authority on the impact of culture on team dynamics.
Earn a certificate from the Rotman School of Management.

Program Overview

6-week online program
1 half-day weekly (TBD
Program fee $3,500 + HST. Financial support available through OSAP
Curriculum in team management, effective communication and emotional intelligence.
Next session begins September 2024. Apply today; space is limited 

Culture is defined by the values and beliefs built through diverse experiences across generations, geographic origins, gender identities, and more. This innovative management course decodes how culture can influence and drive your team. Experience how to identify and leverage diverse learned behaviours to grow an effective and engaged team within your organization.

Participants will explore the intricacies of intercultural diversity and gain insights into its profound impact on the workplace. Through interactive discussions and practical workshops, participants receive tangible management strategies to eliminate cultural pitfalls and build team belonging. Move the intercultural conversation from demographic diversity to cognitive diversity – make your team a model of systemic change across your entire workplace.

Instructors comprise a selection of Rotman School of Management professors and enterprising diversity & inclusion specialists from the Canadian business landscape.

Program Outcomes 


  Skillset Enhancement

 Actionable Strategies

Rotman School of Management Certification

Build on your own distinctive management approach to establish yourself as an inclusion authority and effect change as a leader in your organization.

Develop a realistic, effective plan to align program learnings with your unique vision for a workplace environment of engagement, trust, and belonging.


As one of Canada’s premier business schools, Rotman is a highly esteemed name in the corporate community.

Program Dates

New cohort will commence in September 2024. 

6-week online program, sessions will be held on 1 half-day, weekly.

Program fee

$3,500 + HST. 

Financial support available through OSAP*


Participant Profile

Early-to-middle managers with a minimum of two months of experience leading teams

• Some experience working in a diverse (multicultural, multigenerational etc) environment in any sector

• An eagerness to harness the diversity of thought to enhance team productivity.



A deposit of 50% of the program fee is required at the time of application. The balance of the program fee is due 30 days after receipt of invoice or 30 days before the start of the program, whichever is first.

 Financial Assistance

Thanks to new funding through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), individuals pursuing Navigating Intercultural Complexities program at Rotman may be eligible for a partial to full program subsidy.

Evolve your leadership style for the modern workplace


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This program has been approved for 24 CPD hours under Section A of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Log of the Human Resource Professionals Association (HRPA).

Program Pillars

The Intercultural Leader's curriculum is structured around four key pillars of learning.

Intercultural Intelligence

Get your team on the same page. Assess the current inclusion climate of your team and facilitate effective dialogue between diverse cultural outlooks.

Explore how silent cultural expectations and unconscious biases are disrupting the effectiveness of your intercultural team.

Gain actionable skills to meet – and exceed – team members’ expectations that microaggressions and unconscious bias will be acknowledged and addressed

Responsible Leadership

Evolve your own leadership style to foster an environment where different ideas and experiences are taken into perspective to enable team growth


• Create real-world plans for implementing learnings from the program to drive new levels of performance, both within your team and your organization on a whole.

Gain deeper understanding of your team members’ inherent values and be seen as a confident mentor who lets their team members thrive.

Confident Application 

• Discover within yourself the assuredness to manage diverse groups through conflict resolution, active empathy, and capacity for mentorship.

• Model yourself as a uniquely informed leader within your organization and an organizational authority in how culture impacts leadership and teamwork goals.

Align how to foster environments of engagement, trust and belonging with your own aspirations for your professional years ahead.

Knowledge Network 

• Join a network dedicated to inclusive leadership and gain access updated resources, case-studies, strategies, and best practices. 

Through active peer support and collaboration, exchange ideas and strategies, to collectively approach common challenges and enhance leadership effectiveness.


• Evolve, adapt, and strategize to drive tangible shifts in organizational diversity and inclusion models, fostering genuine systemic change

Contact Us

For more information about the program contact:

Phone Number: 416-978-7059 


Customize This Course

The Intercultural Leader curriculum has been designed for any current or potential leader who is committed to going beyond mere compliance to build a truly aware, inclusive work culture. It is customizable and scalable for any size organization. Please speak with one of our advisors about tailoring the most effective program outline for your team or company managers.


More Program Info

Program dates and schedule

Program Dates: To be announced soon. 

Who should attend


Candidates for the Navigating Intercultural Complexities for Middle Managers program are high-potential professional managers with a minimum of 6 months of experience leading and managing teams.  Participants are senior team leads and emerging executives with direct reports who require new skills for greater authority, accountability and influence within their organizations.


For application information please contact the program at ISL@Rotman.Utoronto.Ca.


Each application is reviewed by an admissions committee to ensure their suitability.


If space is available and eligibility requirements are met, participants will receive a notice of admission within 3 business days of receipt of their completed application and fee deposit.

Fees and payment


$4, 500* + HST


  • Tuition
  • All Program materials
  • Completion certificate
  • Online networking opportunities


A deposit of 50% of the program fee is required at the time of application (refundable only to applicants not accepted to the program).  The balance of the program fee is due before the program start date. 


Please review the full version of our APPLICATION POLICIES » for cancellation information.


If the Program is employment-related training, Rotman must receive a letter from the employer confirming that the Program constitutes such training within the meaning of Canada Revenue Agency Interpretation Bulletin IT-470R.  Generally, the Bulletin states that where the training is taken for the benefit of the employer, there is no taxable benefit to the employee.

If the tuition fee is paid for by the employer, it is the employer’s responsibility to determine whether or not the fees paid on behalf of the individual is a taxable benefit and should be included on his/her T4 slip.


If an employer has not sanctioned that the Program is being taken for employment reasons, any discounts are taxable benefits to the individual participant and should be included on the individual’s tax return.

Program benefits

Participant Benefits

  • Identify potential barriers to inclusion on your team and design customized solutions to create a more inclusive workplace
  • Learn how to amplify diverse voices on your team and improve team performance
  • Widen your worldview and become culturally agile to create richer solutions,  and maximize productivity, innovation, and creativity
  • Learn how to coach your teams to co-create an inclusive environment
  • Enable all members of your team to reach their full potential

Organizational Benefits

  • Develop your management talent to become inclusive leaders and achieve the organization's goals of being diverse,  equitable, and inclusive
  • Unlock individual potential, enhance the collective power of teams and develop your organization's ability to innovate and grow
  • Gain a competitive advantage by supporting your leaders to fully embrace the vast diversity in today's workforce 

Technical requirements

Technical Requirements

This program will be delivered virtually over Zoom. This program requires:

  • A stable internet connection
  • The latest version of the Google Chrome internet browser
  • A Zoom account (sign up for free)
  • A web camera or computer/laptop that has a built in web camera, and the use of a microphone