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Agility, Creativity and Innovation for a Global Workforce

The business case is clear: diversity is a competitive differentiator across multiple categories. Intercultural skills encompass more than an integration of ethnicities and traditions. Once you’ve hired your culturally diverse team, then what?

The ISL promotes a deeper understanding of intercultural competencies for professionals. We recognize culture as a complex code of behaviours, preferences, values and interaction styles that impact business decisions and outcomes. Our practical approach to understanding the unspoken codes of thinking, behaviour and communication at play in the office encompasses three key areas:

  • Maximizing your teams’ talents and experiences
  • Cultivating culturally fluent teams for a stronger communication internally and with customers or stakeholders
  • Leveraging your organizations diversity for agility, innovation and growth

ISL’s programs and tools promote self-awareness and cultural agility. The result? Higher employee engagement, broader customer orientation and more innovative, creative solutions for our changing business landscape.