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About Rotman

It's an exciting time to be at the Rotman School

One of the world's most innovative business schools, Rotman is located in Toronto and is part of the University of Toronto. Whether your aim is to discover the latest in business thinking, accelerate your career or choose a new direction, you've come to the right place.

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Why Rotman: Our Mission

Canada's top business school, Rotman has all the advantages of its global peers, plus a bold vision of business education that can't be found anywhere else. Our unique approach to problem solving will transform your leadership potential and help you tackle the global business challenges of the future.

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Our Values

The Rotman School of Management is a diverse and inclusive academic community of students, staff and faculty who value excellence in learning and research. We aspire to an environment that supports integrity, professionalism and collaboration, and that treats all with respect and civility.

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Where to Find Us

The Rotman School is located in Toronto, Canada, at the heart of the University of Toronto's historic downtown campus. Steps from the St. George subway station, where lines 1 and 2 meet, Rotman is easily accessible by public transit.

Rotman School of Management

Joseph L Rotman

In 1993, Sandra and Joseph L. Rotman made a gift of $3 million through the Rotman Family Foundation towards the construction of a new state-of-the-art facility for the University of Toronto's business school. In 1997, they made an additional gift of $15 million, and the School was aptly re-named in Joseph Rotman's honour.

The Rotman School Expansion, April 2012

Business School Rankings

Many agree the leading global ranking is the Financial Times. Since 1999, FT has ranked all schools globally according to 21 measures. Rotman has consistently placed as the leading global MBA school in Canada in the FT rankings, taking 3rd spot for research worldwide in 2017.

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University of Toronto

Established in 1827, the University of Toronto is recognized worldwide as Canada’s top research university, a reputation that will add value for students who aspire to careers with global dimensions. As a Rotman student, you are welcome everywhere on the beautiful and historic U of T campus. Explore the first-class athletic facilities, the fourth-largest research library in North America, and a range of dining choices.

The Rotman School Expansion, April 2012

History of the Rotman School

The Rotman School's history of transforming business education goes back to 1901, when a diploma program in commerce was established at the University of Toronto. The School of Business became a faculty in 1972, and was renamed in honour of graduate and donor Joseph L. Rotman in 1995. Over the past 15 years, the School has quadrupled its endowment, and tripled its physical footprint, its faculty and its student body.

Rotman School of Management

Employment at Rotman

The faculty and staff at Rotman are a key ingredient in the School's success. If you're talented, ambitious and passionate about higher education, consider a future with us. Located in downtown Toronto and part of the University of Toronto, one of the world's top teaching and research universities, the Rotman School is an ideal place to work, research and make an impact in business education.


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The Rotman MBA: A Student Perspective

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New Programs at Rotman

The Rotman School is proud to offer 3 new programs, drawing on its strengths in risk, accounting and leadership. Discover how they can help boost your career potential:

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