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Sustainability and Social Impact

At the Rotman School, our goal is to transform business and society for the better. We hope you join us on this journey.

At Rotman, we are excited to be part of a world that keeps changing and accelerating. We have everything you would expect from a world-class business school – top-ranked faculty, ambitious students, a powerful alumni network – and something more: a willingness to challenge established thought and conventional narratives.

From gender inequality in the workplace to the cost of tax havens, our researchers push the boundaries of inquiry, and their insights travel from our campus to boardrooms around the globe. Supported by our highly regarded research institutes, centres and labs, we engage regularly with a large and influential community of stakeholders to explore the most pressing social and environmental challenges in management.

That spirit of intellectual adventure enlivens the Rotman student experience, with its focus on experiential and applied learning. Professionals at every career stage come here to get connected to the people, ideas and projects that are redefining organizations and the role they play in society. They develop a toolkit that allows them to see the dynamics of opportunity in environments that are in constant flux, and to make tough decisions and tougher trade-offs, all with one goal in mind: to transform business and society for the better.

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Learning Deeper

Learning at Rotman goes deeper - into a rigorous, model-based problem-solving approach that shapes effective decision makers and extends into personal development, with the aim of helping you fulfill your potential as a leader, entrepreneur or agent of change.

At Rotman, you’ll learn how to navigate fast-changing social, environmental, political and technological context –apply your knowledge through a range of student internships and local and global consulting projects. 

Here are a few options for you to consider if you choose to earn your Full-Time MBA or Morning MBA/Evening MBA at Rotman:


Insights Further

The insights generated by our top-ranked faculty revolutionize business thinking and practice. As a student, you gain access to the latest research before it filters into consulting firms and major corporations that are shaping the future.

You’ll be exposed to cutting-edge thinking about existing and emerging issues that affect business, the economy and society. Or you can contribute through fellowships or projects with key research centres and initiatives.

Here are a few research centres to explore:


Expanding the Conversation

Through events, conferences and publications, we engage in vital conversations with the world, and collaborate with leaders on the defining challenges of business and society.

Rotman hosts leading global case competitions and conferences on sustainability, health, behavioural economics and dozens of events relating to social impact and innovation.

Explore how the insights generated at Rotman are helping to frame the defining challenges of business and society.

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with the World

The Rotman School is part of the University of Toronto, a global center of research and academic excellence. The School is located in Canada’s financial, commercial, and cultural capital, and takes full advantage of its strategic location by drawing on a rich pool of business and political leaders as teachers, mentors and speakers.

Rotman also connects with its communities through live-action consulting and community projects, working on the most pressing issues of the day.




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