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Economic analysis and policy

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What is the relationship between international trade and domestic productivity? What are the roles of urbanization and education in the skills development process? How do firms develop and maintain their market position? These are just some of the questions being posed by Rotman Economic Analysis and Policy faculty: world-class scholars in their field.


Academic Events

Organizers: Karen Bernhardt-Walther, Yao Luo, and Eduardo Souza Rodrigues

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Economic Analysis and Policy Faculty

The Area Coordinator for Economic Analysis and Policy is Professor Heski Bar-Isaac.

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Organization and Markets Research Group

Sponsored research explores topics such as the relative efficiency of organizations and markets; the incidence and performance effects of non-standard organizational forms such as alliances, networks, and non-standard contracting; the role of geography in determining organizational form; and dynamic interactions between firm and industry levels of analysis (e.g., how firm strategies shape, and are shaped by, market structure).

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Rotman Institute for International Business

RIIB was founded in the early 1990s with a mission to focus faculty research and teaching expertise on the changing global environment and Canadian competitiveness and disseminate its work to Canadians and abroad. An important objective of the Institute was to establish close relationships with policy advisers in government and business to further a two-way flow of ideas and research.

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University of Toronto/University of British Columbia Summer Conference

Speakers include: Nathaniel Baum-Snow, Kristian Behrens, Tom Davidoff, Jonathan Hall, Lu Han, Guangli Lu, Avni Shah, Tsuriel Somerville, Will Strange, and Justin Tyndall

Meet Our People

From top left to bottom right: Byung Soo Lee, Walid Hejazi, Heski Bar-Isaac, Gabor Virag; Peter Dungan, Frank Mathewson, Wendy Dobson, Ig Horstmann, Matthew Mitchell, Nathaniel Baum-Snow; Peter Pauly, April Franco, Lu Han, Audrey Lake (Area Administrator), Tom Wilson; Daniel Trefler, Kenneth Corts, Bernardo Blum and William Strange.

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