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Fees and expenses

Find out more about the Rotman Morning MBA and Evening MBA program fees and expenses, plus the over $1 million in award funding available.

Estimated tuition fees for the Class of 2023

The annual tuition fees for the Morning MBA and Evening MBA classes of 2023, who started the MBA program in August 2020, are listed below. All figures are in Canadian dollars.




Year 1               $30,846 $42,643
Year 2   $30,846 $42,643
Year 3   $30,846 $42,643
Total program fee $92,538 * $127,929 *

Of note, over $1 million in entrance awards and fellowships are available. Candidates who are selected to receive an entrance award will be notified when they receive an offer of admission. The earlier you apply, the greater your chance of receiving an award.

In addition to the annual academic fee noted above, students are required to submit payment for:

  • University incidental fees, including required and optional fees: approximately $1,300 for domestic students, and approximately $1,800 to $2,000 for international students.
  • Rotman compulsory ancillary fees amount to approximately $625 to cover the cost of core course materials. Additional Rotman ancillary fees will be charged on a ‘pay per service’ basis (i.e. participation in Study Tours, registration in Academic & Professional Development workshops etc.) and will be collected by the Program Services Office. 
  • The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) fee will automatically be added to fees invoices for international students only. The 2017 UHIP annual amount was $612. More information regarding UHIP may be found at

*Please note that the annual academic fee, University incidental fees and Rotman ancillary fees are set annually by the University and are subject to change. For future academic years, the University incidental fees amount is subject to approval at the Governing Council’s annual meeting in spring.

Rotman MBA $1 Million Awards Funding

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""Over $1 million in award funding available. The sooner you apply, the better your chances of receiving an award.

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