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The MD/MBA is a five-year combined degree program offered by the Temerty Faculty of Medicine and the Rotman School of Management.

The healthcare and life sciences sector demands a new generation of professionals who can address the innovations transforming this $8-trillion global industry. The MD/MBA combined degree program is designed for a select group of medical students with leadership potential and an appetite for driving change.

Located in the heart of Canada’s business and financial centre, the Rotman School of Management is home to one of the highest ranked MBA programs in the world. Students come from across Canada and around the globe, providing a diverse and unique learning and networking environment.Graduates from this program have become leaders in virtually every field – including medicine. The School offers unique specializations, including electives in Health Sector Management, Leadership and Change Management, Strategy, Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Consulting, that may be of particular interest to students in the combined MD/MBA program. 

Why the MD/MBA?

As the complexity of healthcare delivery increases, the need for doctors who also have management training and expertise will continue to grow. The MD/MBA program is designed such that the requirements can be completed in five years rather than the six years it would take to acquire the MD and MBA degrees independently. Applications to the MD/MBA program are welcomed from MD students entering the Fall of their third year. The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree is widely recognized as the premier degree in business worldwide; MBA graduates work in both the public and private sectors, and are able to blend their professional experience with additional knowledge and skills in business management. 

MD/MBA Program Overview

Students are first admitted to the Temerty Faculty of Medicine MD program. In the third year of the MD program, you apply to the Full-Time MBA and the combined program. For requirements to enter the Full-Time MBA program from the MD/MBA program, please review our Admissions Criteria. 

Admissions Criteria

A range of scholarships and financial options have been established to help you cover the cost of your studies. When you are accepted to the MD/MBA program, a list of relevant entrance awards and other available funding will be included in your offer letter. You may also seek further support from the MD program. Staff from both the MBA and MD programs will contact you directly to further discuss scholarships for which you may be eligible.

Rotman Fees and Expenses

If you have questions that are not covered in this FAQ, please contact the Temerty Faculty of Medicine or Rotman School of Management directly.  

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