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Institute for International Business

The Institute brings the research expertise of Rotman School faculty to the economic policy debate. By promoting interactions between researchers and policy advisers in government, the Institute ensures a two-way flow of ideas.

The IIB supports and promotes economic research on international and competition policy issues. The list of research promoted by the Institute, along with research digests written for policy makers, is available on the Research page.

Research Highlights

Canadian restrictions on FDI end up costing the country big

By Professors Walid Hejazi and Dan Trefler 

This research shows FDI barriers are not only costly to Canadian consumers, but resulting inefficiencies have a ‘‘magnified effect’’ on the overall economy in terms of lagging productivity, fewer jobs and lower earnings. As the second most restrictive G7 country in FDI legislation, there restrictions cost the economy 137,400 jobs or 9.6 billion in lost earnings, distortions that are greater than the amount of excess profits gained by the incumbents. Losses loom larger than gains in some sectors. The research also highlights the merits of FDI to local economies and the importance of ensuring that basic business services sectors (key ‘upstream’ sectors air transportation, banking, and telecom) are operating as efficiently as possible.

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Does Digital Trade Change the Purpose of a Trade Agreement?

By Professor Robert Staiger

Author Robert Staiger develops the first theoretical framework to study the economics of trade agreements when countries carry out digital transactions. The paper proposes that the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) provide the tools to regulate trade in digital goods and services, and it shows how this regulation should happen. 

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Our vision is to create a global hub for policy makers and the business community. If you are a policy maker and would like to collaborate with the Institute, please contact professor Bernardo Blum.

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