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Conflict of Interest Statement

The Rotman Institute for International Business is funded by the research initiatives it runs and private donations from individuals that wish to support the centre’s mission. However, we do not conduct any commercial activities that may pose potential conflicts of interest.

All funds received are administered by the University, which acts as a safeguard to ensure that funds are spent responsibly, and in accordance with any terms and conditions attached. Every effort is made to uphold the University’s reputation for fairness, integrity and honesty; most importantly, the entitlement of students and employees to equitable treatment. The University also expects of its members the highest standards of ethical conduct in every aspect of research, in accordance with the University’s Policy on Ethical Conduct in Research. When publishing the findings of research, the University Policy on Conflict of Interest – Academic Staff requires faculty members to disclose the source of funding in the publication unless the faculty member has obtained approval to do otherwise.