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Behavioural Economics in Action at Rotman (BEAR)

Our research centre conducts academic and field research, helps our partners accomplish behaviour change through better touchpoints and interventions, and encourages a culture of experimentation and data collection to design empirically informed business practices and evidence based policies. 

Behavioural Insights

BEAR conducts leading edge academic research in the field of behavioural economics that helps organizations better understand how real people act and in turn, design better products, services, and programs for them.

Our Research

BEAR’s core faculty and associated researchers offer a unique behavioural lens on relevant challenges faced by organizations.


We host events throughout the year at the Rotman School of Management to engage students and professionals with the latest scoop on behavioural economics. 


Recent Publications


Policy by Design: The Dawn of Behaviourally-Informed Government
Rotman School of Management
March 27, 2017

A Behavioural Lens on Transportation Systems: The Psychology of Commuter Behaviour and Transportation Choices
Rotman School of Management
March 22, 2017


Applying Findings from Financial Literacy to Encourage Responsible Gambling
Rotman School of Management
January 31, 2017

Financial Behaviour Online: It's Different!
Rotman School of Management
September 12, 2016

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