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Faculty research profiles

New ideas and new ways of looking at the world's problems are at the heart of the Rotman School of Management. Take a look at new books and new research from Rotman faculty.

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How to build a better board

Can directors be better at helping steer a company and is there a way to counter the risks of groupthink? Yes, but it really depends on who is sitting on the board.

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How to create a remote work policy that works

What role should the office play, and can companies create equitable and sustainable WFH policies that work for all employees? Sarah Kaplan and Carmina Ravanera weigh in on the latest episode of the Executive Summary.

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Where does Uber go from here? The future of the sharing and gig economy, explained

With ongoing fights over worker classification, and increased pressure to turn a profit in a rising rate environment, it's time to ask: What's next for the sharing economy? Professor Ming Hu explains.

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Is innovation in crisis? Why it's time to amp up research & development

The state of innovation wasn't great, even before you threw a pandemic or recession into the mix. Kevin Bryan explores why our process of innovation might be in crisis, and what might be done to solve the problem.

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The Art of Advice: How to up your advice giving (and getting) game

How can we become better at dealing with negative feedback? Assistant Professor Rachel Ruttan weighs in on the fourth episode of The Executive Summary podcast.

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Talk human to me: Understanding the new ways brands interact with us

When we humanize brands, it changes how we see them. Professor Aggarwal dives into how and why we anthropomorphize brands, and why it matters.

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Cryptocurrency for the cautious business leader

Blockchains and cryptocurrencies went into a spectacular meltdown in 2022. Finance innovation expert, Professor Park, delves into the rise and fall of crypto in Episode 2 of the Rotman Executive Summary podcast.

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New Rotman podcast offers management insights you can put into action

Do you care about your employees? Prove it. Prof. Saks talks about caring human resources management on the first episode of the Rotman Executive Summary podcast.

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Can data pave the way to expand city bike lane networks?

More bike lanes doesn’t have to mean more traffic congestion. A study by Rotman Prof. Sheng Liu offers a data-driven way to increase bike ridership for the masses.

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Can employee referral programs lead to lower turnover? The short answer: yes

Programs that encourage referrals can yield big returns for companies, says Rotman Prof. Mitchell Hoffman.

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What can restroom wait times tell us about gender inequity?

Women wait up to 34 times longer than men, while people who identify as transgender and non-binary have long been overlooked in conversations around restroom design, say Rotman Prof. Ming Hu and PhD graduate Setareh Farajollahzadeh.

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Turning science into results: ‘Behavioural Science in the Wild’ offers a playbook for managers

Taking insights from behavioural scientists and applying them in an organization isn’t as simple as it sounds, says Rotman Prof. Dilip Soman.

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What drives risky financial investment decisions

Financial markets — particularly new and emerging markets — can be volatile and unpredictable. Professor Ing-Haw Cheng's advice on how investors can mitigate the risks.

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‘Therapy for your business’: How Rotman is taking business design to new heights

How can we build better businesses, communities and leaders in the face of global crises? Rotman Prof. Angèle Beausoleil weighs in on the power of business design.

A new way to think about how work affects our lives

As boundaries between home and work fade, workplaces should help equip staff with the tools they need to cope with stress and find balance in a hybrid environment.

A glimpse into the future of executive education

Executive development is open to innovation and redesign, writes Mihnea Moldoveanu in a new book.

What can social enterprises learn from an innovative plastic recycling business model?

Rotman researchers are teaming up with professors from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) to understand how social enterprises can increase revenue and environmental impact at the same time.

Decoding CEO-Speak holds a magnifying glass to the powerful words of leaders

A CEO’s letters, speeches and tweets reveal more than you might think, especially in a time of crisis. In their new book, Rotman Professor Joel Amernic and co-author Russell Craig share decades of insight on the strategic language of CEOs.

Impact on a grander scale: why Rotman is an ideal place to launch an academic career

Whether they’re developing a coordinated strategy for managing the next global health crisis or proposing policies that support economic growth as well as gender and racial equality, management researchers seek to better understand — and solve — the most pressing challenges confronting business and society.

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‘Power, for All’ shows us how power works and why everyone should engage with it

Misunderstanding how power works prevents us from acquiring it and using it with purpose. Rotman Professor Tiziana Casciaro and co-author Julie Battilana explain in their insightful new book.

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What is Management Research?

Rotman researchers study a broad range of management issues using a variety of methodologies and underlying disciplines.

The art of deal research

The art of the deal: six tips for negotiating with your kids

Rotman Professor Sonia Kang offers much-needed advice for navigating tough parenting situations.

New Gender Analytics courses and virtual events

Trade economist Daniel Trefler

Recently, Rotman Professor Daniel Trefler took a moment to reflect on the economic lessons Canada should have learned from the global pandemic.

New Gender Analytics courses and virtual events

‘The Behaviorally-Informed Organization’ on how to make your organization human compliant

A new book co-edited by Dilip Soman, director of Behavioural Economics in Action at Rotman (BEAR), is an essential guide for those looking to take their understanding of behavioural insights — and their organizations — to the next level.

New Gender Analytics courses and virtual events

‘The Pandemic Information Solution’ explains why knowledge is our most powerful tool in overcoming this crisis

Rotman Professor Joshua Gans’ latest book is a worthwhile read for those curious about the bigger questions surrounding COVID-19 and the economy.

New Gender Analytics courses and virtual events

Why it’s not too soon to think about (and benefit from) quantum computing

A new paper co-authored by Rotman professors considers a future with quantum, including its potential for transforming the life sciences, finance and manufacturing sectors.

New Gender Analytics courses and virtual events

New Gender Analytics courses and virtual events: how GATE is helping practitioners design more inclusive policies, products and services

The Institute for Gender and the Economy is bringing Gender Analytics to life and showing practitioners the possibilities that can be created by incorporating intersectional gender-based analysis into their work.

BEAR and partners are pushing insights further - Learn more

From tackling sludge to building a digital lab, Behavioural Economics in Action at Rotman (BEAR) and partners are pushing insights further

Now in the second year of a five-year Behaviourally Informed Organizations partnership project (funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada), BEAR Director Dilip Soman reflects on what the group has accomplished so far and what lies ahead.

Faster way to identify new COVID-19 cases - Learn more

For a faster, cheaper way to identify new COVID-19 cases, look in the sewer

A Rotman professor takes a novel approach to tracking down COVID-19 infected households and neighbourhoods.

Social movements for PR or profit do more harm than good - Learn more

Companies that embrace social movements for PR or profit do more harm than good

Without a genuine commitment to change, organizations can do real damage to important causes.

Why rational shoppers might hoard supplies - learn more

Why rational shoppers might hoard supplies and how to prevent a second wave of panic buying

Professor Matthew Osborne’s research shows that consumers plan ahead at the grocery store.

Rotman experts on COVID-19 - learn more

Rotman experts on COVID-19: the need for global cooperation, how to build back better and what cities will look like

A look back at how researchers at Rotman have contributed to the ongoing conversation about navigating the global pandemic.

What to think about to re-open responsibly - learn more

Listen up, leaders: what you need to think about when it comes to reopening responsibly

Rotman Professors Avi Goldfarb and Anita McGahan and alumnus Alex Yeo (MBA '14) draw on the latest research insights and first-hand experience to guide managers on how to navigate this next chapter of COVID-19.

COVID-19 and your perception of risk - learn more

Why COVID-19 might have altered your perception of risk and your policy preferences

Professor Spike Lee’s latest paper explains why the global pandemic has evoked certain emotional responses and why it has been so heavily intertwined with xenophobic attitudes.

COVID and the future of cities - learn more

COVID-19 and the future of cities

Professors Richard Florida and Shauna Brail discuss the resiliency of cities and what’s required to rebuild them.

After COVID build back better - learn more

How to Build Back Better After COVID-19

Professors Sarah Kaplan and Soo Min Toh explain why organizations need to rethink work, strategy and governance.

Innovation and networking - learn more

Working on the next big innovation? Make sure to build up your network first

Professor Bill McEvily’s research explains why teams that develop extensive and diverse networks have a competitive advantage in the innovation space.

Advice on getting hired during COVID - learn more

How to get hired during COVID-19: experts share their tips

From conquering the online interview to approaching networking in a new way, Professor Maja Djikic and Rotman alumna Mary Sullivan share their strategies for navigating the virtual job hunt.

Experts on COVID-19 and supply chains - learn more

COVID-19 and supply chains: what the experts are thinking about now

Three experts reflect on what the global pandemic has taught us in terms of building more resilient supply chains.

New book on ‘Economics in the Age of COVID-19' - learn more

‘Economics in the Age of COVID-19' investigates the long-term effects of the global pandemic

In his new book, Economics in the Age of COVID-19, Professor Joshua Gans tackles the big questions that come up in a pandemic economy.

Future of global supply chains and international trade - learn more

The future of global supply chains and international trade: experts tackle the big questions around COVID-19 and the global economy

In a new webinar, experts in trade and economic policy examine new perspectives on global supply chains, trade, manufacturing and immigration emerging during the COVID-19 crisis.

Personal finances during COVID-19 - learn more

How to take control of your personal finances during COVID-19

A new Rotman webinar looks at how to make smart financial decisions and rise above the panic that develops during a crisis.

COVID-19 and re-opening the economy - learn more

Rotman Professors discuss COVID-19 and what life will look when the economy reopens

How professors at the Rotman School have responded to the big questions surrounding the global pandemic and rebuilding our economy.

Innovation is essential for businesses during COVID - learn more

Why innovation is critical for businesses navigating the COVID-19 crisis

Experts in design discuss innovation readiness and what organizations of all types can do to encourage the innovation necessary to adapt to the challenges brought on by the global pandemic.

Rotman experts on the re-opening economy

Rotman experts on what to expect when the economy reopens

Rotman professors Nicola Lacetera and Anita McGahan discuss what work could look like after the COVID-19 crisis and what leaders should be thinking about right now.

Rotman professors on COVID

Rotman professors on COVID-19: examining Canada’s economic future, what businesses can do, social distancing compliance and more

A look back at how Rotman professors contributed to the conversation around COVID-19 in early April 2020.

Effective management during COVID-19

How to be an effective manager during the COVID-19 crisis

In a new webinar, Rotman Professor Geoffrey Leonardelli and Rotman alumna Rachel Megitt (MBA ‘10) tackle the tough questions facing leaders today.

Staying energized and productive during the COVID

Feeling unfocused? Rotman experts on staying energized and productive during the COVID-19 crisis

Rotman professors share practical advice on how to take control of our time and energy.

Traits of high performing teams - learn more

Two essential traits of high-performing teams: they test solutions quickly and stay focused

Recent research by Rotman Professor Marlys Christianson sheds light on what effective teams do right.

Guanghua-Rotman Centre on Chinese markets - learn more

Guanghua-Rotman Centre brings much-needed clarity to Chinese markets

A new research centre at Rotman takes a closer look at how Chinese companies operate and report financial information.

the nuts of bolts of machine learning for finance professionals - learn more

For finance professionals, knowing the nuts of bolts of machine learning is a must

A Rotman professor explains how machine learning fits into the future of business.

designing smarter systems that produce less waste - learn more

In the age of apps, how do we design smarter systems that produce less waste?

Professor Ming Hu searches for ways to match supply and demand efficiently in the context of the sharing economy, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.

Organizations and online reviews - learn more

Why organizations can’t ignore online reviews

Online reviews have become substitutes for traditional advertising in the hotel industry, a new study finds.

Creating a future that's more Star Trek than Terminator - learn more

‘Innovation + Equality’ pushes readers to strive for a Star Trek future

In their new book, a Rotman professor and his co-author propose policies that will promote innovation and equality.

Canadian and Chinese relations - learn more

‘Living with China’ discusses why Canada needs a forward-looking China strategy

A Rotman professor puts China’s steady economic growth and policies into context for the business generalist.

Organizations and transformative change - learn more

'The 360° Corporation' will give leaders the confidence to start and follow through with a transformative change

In her new book, Professor Sarah Kaplan urges business professionals to examine their organizations from the perspectives of all stakeholders — all 360 degrees around them.

Keep calm when financial planning - learn more

Investors: acknowledge that you’re human, keep calm when financial planning

A Rotman researcher looks at the human factors that shape financial decision making.

Tips for building great teams - learn more

Key things to keep in mind when building great teams

A Rotman researcher wants to know what unites and divides people.

Company size and customer service - learn more

When it comes to our perceptions and expectations, company size matters

A recent Rotman study shows that consumers pay attention to the size and type of companies they deal with, and they make certain judgement calls about customer service and competence.

Rotman expert on quantum computing - learn more

The Rotman School’s quantum expert: we’re in the right place, at the right time

A Rotman researcher discusses why we need to start thinking about quantum computing.

Abstract photo of buildings on Bay street in Toronto

'From Wall Street to Bay Street' explains why it’s worth looking back at our financial roots

A new comparative history text, written by Rotman professors, is an essential read for finance professionals everywhere.

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To keep the creative juices flowing, employees should be receptive to criticism from supervisors, peers and followers

New research shows that negative feedback can help or hinder creativity. It depends on where the criticism comes from.

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When it comes to driving environmental and social change, local policies can have global effects

A Rotman PhD student looks at the roles of relationships between firms in driving responsible business practices globally

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The role of institutional investors in driving environmental and social change

Organizations are stepping up because their investors are demanding it.

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Seeking investment advice? Check Twitter

Research shows investors can benefit from paying attention to social media.

Gender gap thumbnail image

Getting at the root causes and effects of the gender gap — by scouring public records

A Rotman researcher digs through public records and financial reports to get at the origins and real effects of the gender gap.

Tired of waiting? Rotman profs look at how to reduce hospital wait times

Using in-depth data analysis, Rotman researchers analyze the inner workings of one hospital’s recently redesigned emergency department.

What our spending says about us

A Rotman professor shares some key insights on our purchasing decisions.

Finding the right ecosystem, planning and taking risks for successful innovation

A Rotman professor on creating or finding spaces that inspire creativity and imagination to feed innovation.


‘Meltdown’ explores why crises happen, why transparency is key

A Rotman professor has developed an essential handbook on preventing and managing disasters.

How small details can made a big difference in economic development

Rotman professor looks at how micro-level factors might influence economic development in emerging economies — in ways we might not expect.

A closer look into the mind of the consumer

A Rotman researcher examines technologies that could be used for measuring consumer tastes and choices

Exploring new approaches in finance

Rotman professor examines household welfare and makes sense of trends in financial services, products and innovation

How cities form and why they change

A Rotman researcher looks at why neighbourhoods change, how they form and how their development relates to infrastructure projects

How to love networking, deal with competent jerks and inspire change

A Rotman researcher explores the significance of organizational networks

Where you sit at work matters

Professor Christopher Liu’s research provides some important considerations on how organizations can go about creating functional spaces that benefit individuals and the broader business.

Working out the supply and demand — and ethical considerations — for blood, organs and body parts

A Rotman researcher examines people’s motivations and ethics when it comes to money, time and their bodies.

Taking a management approach to solving healthcare problems

A Rotman researcher examines and tackles the major challenges in healthcare with a business mindset.

Building better corporate boards

How do we assemble a board of directors that can monitor activities effectively and guide management in making the right moves?

Taking a closer look at how to hire the right people for the job

A professor of Strategic Management looks at how employees and employers behave and make decisions

When it comes to financial markets, how much is too much information?

Finance researcher is interested in whether the regulations surrounding financial information and disclosures make sense

Making sense of an unpredictable real estate market

Business Economics researchers strive to predict future trends and purchasing behaviours in real estate

Getting disease-fighting drugs to those who need them

Rotman researcher studies how foundations can make the most out of fundraised money

Avi Goldfarb

Exploring the opportunities and risks of crowdfunding

Rotman researcher explores the costs and benefits of raising capital online.

How to Keep Your Cool in High-Stakes Negotiations

Study examines how students and employees can reclaim their power during challenging situations

Abstract image of spiral with orange, pink and purple.

Managers: to beat workplace stress, get to know your employees

A Rotman professor studies how an individual’s sense of self, values, personality and past experience might shape attitudes around work and reactions to job stressors.

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