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At Rotman, our students are our key strength. Our classes are comprised of globe trotters, professional athletes and emerging leaders. Rotman students come from all over the world and they aren’t afraid to make bold career moves, start new businesses or take on leadership positions at prominent firms. In some cases, they’re juggling family responsibilities and pursuing causes they care about. Learn more about our students.

Rotman Pride: A Small Club with Big Ambitions

March 27, 2024
Rotman Pride is a small club that punches well above its weight. Limin Wang and Vipul Aggarwal (Rotman Pride’s VP Finance) promoting ...
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The Rotman Internship Advantage: One MBA grad’s story

March 13, 2024
Redwan Baba (Full-Time MBA, ’22) made a smooth transition from his first career to a second, unrelated one, and he credits Rotman&rsqu...
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Career Catapult: how one Rotman MBA grad used his technology acumen to move from engineering to consulting

February 27, 2024
Arunabh Mishra (Full-Time MBA, ’22) was a capable and experienced fintech expert long before he began his degree at Rotman.  Aru...
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Healthcare Overhaul: How one GEMBA-HLS grad is tackling Canada’s patient flow and capacity problems

February 22, 2024
When your new job has no predecessor, your ability to be innovative matters. That’s how Judy Jung (GEMBA-HLS ’23) approaches her...
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MBA grad shines in insurance industry's digital frontier

January 18, 2024
“I wanted to fill a missing piece in my knowledge.” Before the Rotman School, Iris Yang (MBA ’22) worked near Shanghai, Ch...
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Going global post-pandemic: a GEMBA grad makes an international pivot

January 18, 2024
“My client base has extended far beyond Toronto.”  From his home office in North York, Justin Cheung (GEMBA ’22) does...
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