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Employment at Rotman

Help make change happen

The Rotman School of Management is a catalyst for transformative learning, research and public engagement. We bring together diverse views and initiatives around a defining purpose – to create value for business and society. And we make a fundamental promise to our students, our partners and the broader community: Here’s where it changes. Everyone at Rotman, faculty and staff, plays a role in bringing that promise to life.

An engaged, collaborative culture

Excellence. Diversity. Integrity. Respect. These core values define what Rotman stands for and guide how we work, learn and explore ideas together.

As a leading business school, we connect the right minds with the right resources to rethink assumptions, reinvent models and reimagine how organizations are structured and run. The same principles keep Rotman nimble as we respond to and anticipate changing needs. We describe our culture as collaborative and inventive, alert and grounded, curious and courageous – and open to the world.

Pursuing clear goals together

Create great learning experiences

As our faculty members deliver outstanding programs, Rotman staff provide ongoing support to ensure an optimal learning experience. Specialized teams help to attract accomplished faculty and practitioner-instructors to our school; recruit top students and advance their academic and personal growth; and connect with potential employers to create rewarding career paths for our graduates.

Share groundbreaking insights

Rotman staff provide researchers with many dimensions of support, from human resources and financial administration to facilities management and IT. Backed by these efforts, Rotman scholars and thinkers produce insights that cut through the noise, helping to shape management practices and public policy.

Foster important conversations

As our highly regarded faculty share their expertise through publications, events and direct consultations, Rotman staff manage our various communications platforms, venues and channels – extending our school’s impact as an intellectual crossroads and dynamic meeting place.

Build and grow a powerful community

Our faculty members build communities of inquiry, connecting and collaborating with other leading scholars and institutions around the world. Rotman staff maintain the support networks that ensure everyone in our wider community of alumni, donors and other partners stays engaged and productive.

Sustain our day-to-day operations

Supporting and enhancing student life; recruiting and developing our human resources; maintaining and upgrading our technology; planning and managing our finances; operating and improving our facilities – Rotman staff oversee all the elements that make our school a leader in management education and research.

Be part of the Rotman promise

All opportunities at Rotman can be found on the University of Toronto employment site.

To search Rotman-specific jobs from any of the links below, under "Search keywords", please type in Rotman.

Current faculty opportunities

Current staff opportunities 

Part-time Opportunities

  • Casual Instructors (to be eligible, applicants must be registered as U of T students or Postdoctoral Fellows)
  • Teaching Assistants (to be eligible, applicants must be registered as U of T students or Postdoctoral Fellows)
  • Sessional Lecturers (instructors who teach for U of T on contracts of less than one year)
  • Sessional Instructional Assistants (teaching assistants who are not currently registered students at U of T)

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