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Academic Plan 2019-2024

Our five-year plan

Rotman’s 2019–2024 Academic Plan, A Catalyst for Change, charts the next leap forward for our school. It celebrates our belief in the transformative power of learning and thought leadership. And it amplifies our commitment to building the knowledge, skills and confidence that turn insights into impact.

A Catalyst for Change sets out clear, concrete goals for the next five years and beyond. Everyone at Rotman and in our broader community of stakeholders can play a role in achieving them.

Our key goals

1. Advance the frontiers of management thinking

We will maintain Rotman’s place among the global leaders in management research by aiming high and fostering excellence in a vibrant and inclusive community of inquiry.

2. Deliver transformational management education

We will expand and deepen the learning opportunities we offer Rotman students, and support them with new and enhanced learning environments.

3. Take insight to impact

We will leverage Rotman’s teaching and research through public engagement, collaborating with our stakeholders to find creative solutions to pressing business, economic and social challenges.

4. Harness the power of community

We will connect and grow our global community to bring added perspective, support and meaning to what we do – and to further accelerate Rotman’s impact.

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