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Strategic Management

A top-tier, diverse research group

Rotman's approach to strategic management is discipline-based, and includes sociology, economics and other fields. Coursework is based on rigorous research, logical consistency and data-driven analysis. Students have the opportunity to learn from the full-range of intellectual tools, such as competitive analysis, networks, causal modelling, the digital economy, corporate restructuring and how to build innovative and entrepreneurial organizations.



Strategic Management Area workshops are usually held Thursday from 3:30-5:00pm. We periodically present conferences and seminars. When we are able to do so, papers will be posted prior to the workshop start time.


Strategic Management Faculty

Research interests of the strategic management faculty are rich and varied. Some of the most celebrated faculty at Rotman work in this area, including former Dean Roger Martin.

Market Research

Organization and Markets Research Group

Sponsored research explores topics such as the relative efficiency of organizations and markets; the incidence and performance effects of non-standard organizational forms such as alliances, networks, and non-standard contracting; the role of geography in determining organizational form; and dynamic interactions between firm and industry levels of analysis (e.g., how firm strategies shape, and are shaped by, market structure).

Strategy at Rotman

Michael Ryall

Missing the Real Competition

Anita McGahan

Surviving the Threat of Healthcare

Alberto Galasso

Finding the Right Innovation Ecosystem

András Tilcsik

Managing the Risk of Catastrophic Failure

Creative Destruction: Anita McGahan on Moonshots

Creative Destruction: Anita McGahan on Moonshots

Topic: “Four Short Talks On Creative Destruction”

Bill McEvily - How Innovation Really Works

Bill McEvily is a professor of strategic management

Bill McEvily - Networking Strategy

Bill McEvily is a professor of strategic management

McGahan and Burke - Innovating for Healthy Urbanization

Anita McGahan is a professor of strategic management

Sarah Kaplan

Gender Equality as an Innovation Challenge

Corporations: Defenders of Democracy?

Sarah Kaplan is a professor of strategic management

Sarah Kaplan

Gender and the Economy

One Idea, Many Business Models: Josh Gans at TEDxUofT

Josh Gans is a strategy professor cross-appointment in the Department of Economics


Strategic Management MBA Electives WHAT WE TEACH

Learn from our world-renowned Strategic Management faculty

Strategic Management PhD Doctoral studies in Strategy

Learn from the world 's top strategy scholars.
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