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Convocation 2021

Convocation is a significant moment in the life of a Rotman student, marking a major personal and academic milestone. While this year’s ceremony, like last year’s is taking place virtually, it remains a special occasion to share and celebrate with friends, family, partners and classmates.

Message to graduates from Interim Dean, Kenneth Corts

Congratulations to the class of 2021! Through your hard work, dedication and talent, you have successfully completed the rigorous demands of your program, and earned a degree from the Rotman School and the University of Toronto – a tremendous honour. Now is a time to consider all the hard work, talent and dedication that went into this accomplishment. As you do so, know that the rest of the Rotman community is celebrating with you.

Graduation is a moment of growth and transition, when students officially become part of the Rotman alumni community, a proud network that spans the globe. It is also a time of reflection, when graduates look back with pride on their own professional and academic journey, and offer their thanks for those who supported them along the way. As Interim Dean of Rotman, it is my hope that you can regard your time at the School with fond memories, recognizing how much you have transformed over the past years.

And while we will miss you, remember that you are always welcome back as Rotman alumni. As you go out in the world, know that you now have the skills, talent and training to take on any opportunity. Whether you pursue a career in the private or not-for-profit sector, continue your academic journey or start your own business, we know you will go on to do great things: tackling tough challenges, embracing your responsibilities to the wider community, and driving positive change at the highest levels of business and society.

On behalf of all of the Rotman School, we wish each and every one of you the very best. We are very proud of the class of 2021, and will be watching as you take the world by storm. Stay connected with us – and with each other. We will all be cheering you on.


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