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Our Purpose and Values

We sum up the goals and aspirations that shape Rotman in a simple statement of purpose: to create value for business and society. And to make that purpose more concrete, we focus our collective efforts in three main areas:

• Designing more responsive and resilient organizations
• Driving innovation and analytical insights
• Building healthy, equitable and sustainable societies

Every decision and action we take together is grounded in our shared values: diversity, excellence, integrity and respect.


Rotman is a diverse and inclusive community comprising students, staff and faculty of all backgrounds and perspectives. We actively promote an academic and working environment that's safe, open and accessible to all, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or any of the other factors that make each of us unique. 

Our teaching, research and public engagement are enriched by the variety of experience and points of view we bring together in fruitful collaboration. We know that the willingness to embrace difference creates more successful enterprises and a more equitable society. 


For Rotman, excellence is ultimately defined not by our own exacting measures, but by the value we create for others in transforming how they think, do business and work to meet society's changing needs and aspirations.

Upholding rigorous standards of scholarship, we push the boundaries of inquiry in the search for innovative answers to the most challenging questions. We're united in our commitment to creating superior-quality learning experiences - in the classroom, online, in the business arena and in society at large.


In our teaching and learning, as well as our investigations and partnerships, we strive to behave honestly, ethically and responsibly. In all of our activities, as individuals and as an organization, we believe in maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct. And we communicate openly and transparently with one another and with the wider world.

We reinforce our professional integrity by being clear and forthright in our intentions and keeping our promises. And we nurture it by supporting all members of our Rotman community, encouraging and enabling everyone to contribute their best.


We foster a collegial environment in which all students, staff and faculty commit to treating each other with respect, regardless of their roles at Rotman. In exchanging ideas, we agree to be open-minded and considerate of others' right to hold and express differing points of view. Divergent perspectives are the lifeblood of a healthy academic community.

Our values guide how we teach and learn, conduct research, collaborate with one another and engage with business and society.  In all of our collaborations and interactions, including the resolution of conflicts, we count on one another to act with civility and sensitivity.



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