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Our Purpose and Values

We sum up the goals and aspirations that shape Rotman in a simple statement of purpose: to create value for business and society. And to make that purpose more concrete, we focus our collective efforts in three main areas:

• Designing more responsive and resilient organizations
• Driving innovation and analytical insights
• Building healthy, equitable and sustainable societies

Every decision and action we take together is grounded in our shared values: diversity, excellence, integrity and respect.

Rotman Values

The Rotman School of Management is a diverse and inclusive academic community of students, staff and faculty who value excellence in learning, teaching and research.

We treat all with respect and civility and are committed to an environment that supports integrity, professionalism and collaboration.


Diverse and inclusive academic community

Embracing diversity, advancing equity, and ensuring the inclusion of all.

  • Accepting a shared responsibility to create a culture of understanding and belonging
  • Recognizing the value of diversity in our thinking, ways of knowing, research, teaching and work
  • Welcoming and leveraging the different experiences, perspectives and cultural backgrounds of our community members


Excellence in learning and research

Striving to create a world-class learning and research environment.

  • Providing excellent learning experiences inside and outside the classroom
  • Conducting rigorous scholarship and influential research


Integrity, professionalism and collaboration

Conducting ourselves in a professional manner as individuals, in teams and across the whole organization. Behaving responsibly and ethically in our work and relationships.

  • Keeping our promises and being accountable for our actions
  • Meeting or exceeding a standard of behaviour that would be typical of leading organizations
  • Engaging and collaborating with members of our local and global communities


Respect and civility

Maintaining a collegial work environment in which all students, staff and faculty behave in a civil manner and treat each other with respect and dignity, regardless of position or status in the school.

  • Approaching each other with dignity, courtesy and politeness
  • Respecting others’ right to express their points of view 
  • Managing conflict in a respectful manner, ensuring our behaviours are consistent with the values of the school



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