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Careers: After the Rotman PhD

Your Reseach Career Begins Here

The Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto is home to the leading doctoral program in Canada. The Rotman PhD Program provides unparalleled training in management research and scholarship. Our graduates enter the job market with the strength of the Rotman name behind them and are hired into tenure-track positions by some of the world's top teaching and research universities.

Your Future

The Rotman PhD Program is designed to provide students with the training they need to become educators and researchers at top global institutions. Rotman PhD students get first-hand experience co-authoring with faculty, producing and publishing independant research, presenting at academic conferences, and teaching in one of North America’s pre-eminant business schools.

Recent Graduates

By graduating from the Rotman PhD program, you leverage the strength of one of the world's best business schools for faculty and research, and the reputation of the University of Toronto, a leading teaching and research university. Want to know where a Rotman PhD can take you? See where some of our recent graduates are currently working.

Job Market Candidates

The scholars who graduate with a PhD from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto go on to research at some of the world's top schools. The following graduates of the Rotman PhD program are currently on the job market: