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Rotman PhD: Job Market Candidates

Who's on the Market?

The scholars who graduate with a PhD from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto go on to research at some of the world's top schools. The following graduates of the Rotman PhD program are currently on the job market:


Christoph Maximilian Schiller

JMP title: Global Supply-Chain Networks and Corporate Social Responsibility

Committee: Craig Doidge, Bing Han, and Redouane Elkamhi

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Yan Xiong

Dissertation title: Managerial Short-Termism and Market Competition

Committee: Liyan Yang (Chair), Bing Han, Susan Christoffersen

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Ali Sharifkhani

Dissertation title: Essays in Empirical Asset Pricing

Committee: Raymond Kan (Co-Chair), Mike Simutin (Co-Chair), Redouane Elkamhi and Alexandre Corhay

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Xinlong Li

Dissertation title: The Business Models and Economics of Marketplace Lending

Committee: Andrew Ching (Chair), Victor Aguirregabiria, Matthew Osborne  

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Alex Kaju

Dissertation title: TBA

Committee: TBA

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Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

Jing Hu

Dissertation title: TBA

Committee: TBA

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Yeun Joon Kim

Dissertation title: A leader may become a liability for a team: influences of a leader’s past experience and ethicality

Committee: Chen-Bo Zhong (Chair), Soo Min Toh, Stéphane Côté, Matthew Feinberg

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Ray Fang

Dissertation title: The influence of growing up rich or poor on future job satisfaction and job performance in whitecollar organizations

Committee: Stéphane Côté(Chair), Brian Connelly (Co-Chair), Matthew Feinberg

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Strategic Management

Brooklynn Zhu

Dissertation title: Start-ups' Growth Strategy: Growing by Acquiring External Technologies

Committee: Joshua Gans (Chair), Ajay Agrawal, Alberto Galasso, Joanne Oxley

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