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Mark Wojcichowsky

Valedictorian, Global Executive MBA '23
“The Global Executive MBA has set me on a course of personal and professional transformation.”

How does it feel to be valedictorian?

Being a valedictorian is an incredible honour and a rewarding experience that fills me with a mix of achievement, gratitude, and nervous excitement. It was a journey of countless hours of travel, study, and of individual and group work, pushing boundaries, and embracing growth.

Why do you think your classmates chose you for this honour?

I believe my classmates recognized in me a balance between pursuit of academic excellence and authentic camaraderie. I hope they see me as someone who embraced challenges, was competitive yet approachable, and ready to offer assistance or words of encouragement. Plus, I think they expect me to sing a song during the valedictory address.

How has the program changed you?

The Global Executive MBA has set me on a course of personal and professional transformation. The lens through which I interpret problems, challenges, and successes has become broader and deeper which has enabled me to add more value and create impact in my workplace, my family, and my community.

Describe a highlight of the program.

The highlight of the Global Executive MBA was being immersed in global business and cultural hubs with a diverse cohort group executives, from a wide range of industries and home geographies.

Engaging with industry leaders and top business school faculty, and visiting innovative companies fostered a deeper understanding of integrated global business dynamics and opportunities for widespread collaboration.

What makes my classmates / graduating year special?

Our class took a huge bet embarking on a Global Executive MBA program amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. Doing so was uniquely special as it enabled us to learn to navigate unprecedented uncertainty and develop skills in resilience, remote teamwork, leadership, agility, and decision-making in the face of adversity. 

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