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White Papers & Reports

  • The Elements of Context
    by Selina Yang, Meghan Yeung, Nathaniel Barr, Chang-Yuan Lee, Wardah Malik, Nina Ma┼żar, Dilip Soman and David Thomson

Financial Behaviour Online
  • Financial Behaviour Online: It's Different!
    by Jessica An, Melanie Kim, and Dilip Soman
    How does the consumption of financial information differ online as opposed to offline? To answer this question, we review relevant research in behavioural sciences to better understand consumer decision-making online.
Financial Wellbeing
  • A Behavioural Lens on Consumer Privacy
    by Melanie Kim, Kim Ly, and Dilip Soman
    This report presents behavioural biases that contribute to the problem of online privacy and identifies behaviourally informed solutions that can best safeguard consumer interests online.
Mobile Payments
Consumer Credit

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