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Events and Initiatives

This page lists recent events and initiatives supported by the IIB.



Academic Year 2020-2021


Webinar: Pandemic Protectionism; The Global Trade Impact of Covid-19. Walid Hejazi. May 8, 2020


Webinar: Distribution Disruption: How to Build a Better Supply Chain after Covid-19. Walid Hejazi. May 15, 2020


PEAP Conference, June 24, 2020

Conference: Rethinking the World Rules-Based Global Trading System. Daniel Trefler and Bernardo Blum. October 16, 2020


Conference: Trade Agreements and the Regulation of Digital International Trade. Bernardo Blum. March 26, 2021 


PEAP Conference, January 28, 2021




Academic Year 2019-2020


Event: AIB Conference. Bernardo Blum and Walid Hejazi. May 3, 2019, Rotman School of Management


PEAP Conference, June 10, 2019


Book Presentation. Living with China: A Middle Power Finds its Way. Wendy Dobson, September 25, 2019, Desautels Hall, Rotman School of Management


Event: Doing Business in Asia. Bernardo Blum and Walid Hejazi, January 22, 2020, Atrium, Rotman School of Management


Event: The Economic Implications of Covid-19. Bernardo Blum and Walid Hejazi. April 3, 2020


Event: Experts Discuss "Implications of the Trade War and the Corona Virus for Global Supply Chains: Some Views from the Ground". Bernardo Blum and Walid Hejazi. July 14, 2020

UBC Summer Conference. Ig Horstmann

PEAP Conference, January 15, 2020