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Rotman’s Global Executive MBA for Healthcare and the Life Sciences

Accelerate your career in a world of unprecedented healthcare business and leadership opportunities

The pace of change throughout the healthcare and life sciences sector has accelerated, creating a demand for professionals who can navigate and integrate the strategic, economic, political, and social undercurrents that are shifting the face of this global system. To meet the challenge, the Rotman School of Management is introducing its Global Executive MBA for Healthcare and the Life Sciences. Grounded in world-class thought leadership, practical instruction, and on-the-ground engagement in three countries, this 18-month program will help you develop the expertise you need to shape your organization and drive your career.

Designed for working professionals, the program is an intensive 18-month journey that immerses you in key healthcare clusters around the world. By learning from leading faculty and experienced sector leaders, you will gain the knowledge and skills you and your organization need to succeed. And while you explore current and future best practices globally, we’ll guide you through an in-depth assessment of your own capabilities, with the goal of helping you become a more impactful leader.

The program leverages the strengths of the Rotman School, as well as our close relationships with the University of Toronto and the global healthcare community. Located on the edge of Toronto's medical discovery district, Rotman is uniquely positioned to play a leading role in the management innovations taking place within and across pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, medical technology, medical informatics, telemedicine, insurance, patient engagement, long-term care, and health system design.

Who should consider our program?

Candidates are mid-to-senior experienced professionals from industry, providers and service delivery organizations, consulting firms, public agencies, science, and payers in the healthcare and life sciences sector around the world who seek to advance their leadership careers.

Key features

  • Earn a top-tier MBA education especially tailored for healthcare and life sciences providers, payers, scientists, regulatory professionals, and suppliers
  • Focus on global best practices in health systems, healthcare, and life sciences 
  • Advance your career with a program designed to meet the demanding schedule of students from across the globe
  • Integrate on-site learning from innovative firms and organizations in multiple countries
  • Drive strategic change within and across healthcare and life sciences organizations and systems
  • Learn leading edge tools for making effective decisions with available data

The 18-month Global Executive MBA in Healthcare and the Life Sciences offers an innovative curriculum that combines core management skills and practical engagement with deep self-development insights and strategic know-how, all designed for the healthcare and life sciences sector.

The globally-oriented program emphasizes the best of health systems and business, leading strategic change, data-driven decision-making, and entrepreneurship and innovation. Faculty will draw on research, industry examples, case studies, and guests from Canada and around the world to enhance the learning experience. Each module of the program involves on-site experiences with firms and organizations that are leading healthcare and life sciences innovation in multiple countries.

Class sessions provide meaningful opportunities for leaders from across the healthcare and life sciences sector to learn about each other’s organizations, to develop networks, and to explore new ways to create the healthcare organizations and health systems of the future.

Centred on the Full Sector

The program is designed to link the traditional silos in which healthcare providers, payers, scientists, suppliers, agencies, and other stakeholders typically interact only at arm’s length. The program will bring together participants from across the full sector and teach why and how you can create patient value and system strength by integrating more effectively across boundaries, both within and across organizations, regions and countries.

Leadership Development

The program's learning methods ensure you can immediately apply the insights you gain in class into practice. To that end, we provide you with a personalized leadership development program.

Using 360 degree assessments of competencies and skills, you will be coached to create customized development plans, practice new skills, and apply key insights as you move through the curriculum. You will have access to career coaching staff and networking events as you chart your career path for the future.

Program Topics and Courses

You’ll earn a top-tier MBA from one of the world’s leading business schools, with courses customized and designed for the healthcare and life sciences professional.

  • Accounting for Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Behavioural Economics in Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Business Economics for Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Data Analytics and Strategic Decision Making for Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Design Thinking in Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Ethics and Law in Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Financial Tools for Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Governance and Partnering in Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Global Business in Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Health Sector Strategy & Organization
  • Integrating Models & Data in Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Information Technology & Digital Health Innovations
  • Service Operations in Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Strategic Change & Implementation for Healthcare & Life Sciences Organizations
  • Strategic Management in Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Immersion in Innovative Health & Life Sciences Organizations & Systems in Toronto, the San Francisco Bay Area, & Singapore

The schedule has been designed for personal and professional flexibility. The content will be delivered using a blended delivery model that weaves together in-class and on-site learning, with online support . Approximately 75 percent of sessions will be conducted face-to-face -- in the classroom and in the field.

18 Months | 6 Terms

Term 1
Toronto   2 week residency 
Fall 2018
Term 2 San Francisco Bay Area
1 week residency
Winter 2019*
Term 3 Toronto
1 week residency
Spring 2019*
Term 4 Singapore 1 week residency
Summer 2019*
Term 5
1 week residency
Fall 2020*
 Term 6 Toronto 1 week residency Winter 2020*

*Locations subject to change

Learn from the world’s leading business thinkers. Ranked third in the world for business research by the Financial Times in 2017, the Rotman faculty will engage and challenge you with insights gained from both academia and practice. Your instructors are distinguished by their ground-breaking scholarship, authority in the business world, and practical knowledge of the healthcare and life sciences sector.

Academic Directors

 Brian Golden 

Brian R. Golden, Vice-Dean, MBA Programs | Sandra Rotman Chair in Health Sector Strategy at The University of Toronto & The University Health Network | Executive Director, Centre for Health Sector Strategy | Professor of Strategic Management



William Mitchell

Will Mitchell, Anthony S. Fell Chair in New Technologies and Commercialization | Professor of Strategic Management



The two academic directors have extensive backgrounds in the health and life sciences sector and have taught in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia. Professor Brian Golden is the only business school professor to be inducted as a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences and was the inaugural recipient of the Canadian Medical Association’s Award for Innovation in Physician Education. Brian is cross-appointed in the Dalla Lana School of Public Health.

Professor Will Mitchell has extensive experience with health and life sciences research, teaching, and business in multiple countries. He has an appointment at Duke University, including engagements with the Duke Medical School and Business School. Will is a board member of Neuland Laboratories, Inc., a pharmaceutical company based in Hyderabad, India.

A Selection of Our World Class Faculty

Marlys Christianson, Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour & HR Management

Her research interests include the coordination of complex and interdependent work, sense-making in high-risk environments, and resilient organizing, particularly as it relates to error detection and correction.

Alexander Dyck, Manulife Financial Chair in Financial Services | Professor of Finance and Economic Analysis and Policy

Professor Alexander Dyck is the academic director of hte Director's Education Program, a board member of the Rotman international Centre for Pension Management, and a fellow of hte Michael Lee-Chin Family Institute for Corporate Citizenship.

Jennifer Gibson, Director, University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics | Sun life Financial Chair in Bioethics

Jennifer Gibson leads the World Health Organization's Collaborating Centre for Bioethics at the University of Toronto and has advised on government advisory committees on health system integration and other topics.

Avi Goldfarb, Ellison Professor of Marketing

Professor Avi Goldfarb has published over 50 articles in economics, artificial intelligence, marketing, statistics, and law.

Kristina McElheran, Assistant Professor of Strategy, University of Toronto | Digital Fellow, Initiative on the Digital Economy at MIT

Her research focuses on the use of IT and data on organizational design and strategy, and she has worked for two start-up technology companies in Silicon Valley. 

Dilip Soman, Corus Chair in Communication Strategy | Professor of Marketing | Member of the Behavioural Economics in Action Research Cluster

Professor Dilip Soman is an expert in behavioural economics and has consulted with Microsoft, FedEx, P&G, life Insurance company of India, Corus Entertainment, and the Hong Kong Government. He is the author of The Last Mile: Creating Social and Economic Value from Behavioural Insights.

Admissions Criteria

Candidates are mid-to-senior experienced professionals from industry, providers and service delivery organizations, consulting firms, public agencies, science, and payers in the healthcare and life sciences sector around the world who seek to advance their leadership careers.

Minimum Admissions Requirements

  • 8+ years of full-time work experience
  • Relevant base knowledge of healthcare and life sciences organizations
  • Evidence of academic achievement
  • Demonstrated teamwork and leadership skills
  • English language proficiency: TOEFL or IELTS score required for non-English language degrees
  • Current employment in the healthcare and life sciences sector preferred

Application Process

We will begin accepting applications in September 2017 for the Global Executive MBA for Healthcare and the Life Sciences program. Check back often for updated details.

Successful completion of the GMAT/GRE or the Rotman Executive Diagnostic Test (EDT) is required as part of the application process commencing in September 2017, Please contact us to discuss whether the EDT options applies for your.

Program Fee


The program fee includes:

  • Tuition
  • All program materials
  • Class-day meals
  • Accommodation for Toronto residential modules.

Students are responsible for travel and accommodation expenses for international modules (San Francisco and Singapore).

Entrance Awards

Entrance awards are available. These awards are based on exceptional merit above the minimum admission criteria.

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Classes begin Fall 2018

Introducing Rotman's Global Executive MBA for Healthcare and the Life Sciences

Toronto - Singapore - San Francisco; Introducing the 18-month Global Executive MBA for Healthcare and the Life Sciences

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