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Practise the Art of Persuasion

Advertising comes with big risks and rewards: both money and the Rotman brand are at stake. Any significant ad campaign needs a stamp of approval from Central Marketing. Make the most your advertising budget by drawing on our tools and expertise.

Advertising is defined as marketing that encourages an audience to take action. Even general awareness campaigns - "Rotman is #1 in Canada" - have an implicit call to action: "You should study/work/research here". So before embarking on an ad campaign, ask yourself, "What do I want the viewer to do?"

Call on the marketing team for your next advertising opportunity. We'll help you shape your strategy, define your target market, and choose the right channel. Want to precisely target your audience and track results? Try online advertising. Want to make a big splash over a short term? Consider out-of-home ads like posters or elevator ads. Reaching a more traditional audience? Radio and print ads are pricey but hard to miss. There are also free advertising opportunities available.

Below are some examples of ads recently produced by the marketing team. If you have an event or program to promote, we encourage you to reach out to us today - contact info below.

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