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Return on Investment

In today’s global market, competition for the best talent is fierce. Leading international companies know that investing in human capital is a matter of strategy: retaining talent is key, and tapping into thought leadership in global business is essential to remaining competitive.

Return on Investment for Individuals

The return on investment for participants is both personal and professional. Many Rotman EMBA students are keen to discover the new doors the program will open in their career, and see a freedom of choice in paying for the program independently of their employer. In a Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) Alumni Perspectives Survey, Executive MBA graduates reported higher annual salaries compared to graduates of other program types.

  • When you invest in the Rotman EMBA, you will gain an internationally recognized degree from one of the world's most prestigious universities, and gain access to some of the top business minds anywhere.
  • Many EMBA graduates also enjoy significant jumps in their salaries following the program, as a result of increased scope and level of responsibility.
  • Gaining an advanced degree can help managers and executives who are in career transition.
  • The program is an investment in yourself and in your career. A Rotman EMBA will give you more options and greater leverage in your career. It will pay dividends for many years to come.

Return on Investment for Employers

The Omnium Global Executive MBA Program requires that all students have the support of their employers for the time that will be required to complete the program (approximately 12 weeks away from the office over an 18-month period). Financial support is optional, though many top
companies recognize the value in providing both time and financial support to help their employees excel in the program.

Employers gain:

  • Direct and immediate transfer of leadingedge management practices to their operations
  • Energized top-performers who bring new analytical and leadership practices to the organization
  • Fresh insights and solutions to corporate challenges through in-company group projects
  • Insight on best practices and new ways to adapt to changing international business conditions
  • International perspectives gleaned from the student and his/her classmates 
  • Opportunities for business development meetings in North America, South America, East Asia, Europe, South Asia and the Middle East during the student’s global program modules 
  • New and valuable insight that can be applied in “real time” as the student learns.

In today’s dynamic marketplace, investing in executive-level human resources is one of the best ways companies can gain long-term competitive advantage, while retaining their top performers.

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Program Outcomes

One-Year Executive MBA graduate, Craig Strong, describes what he gained from the program.