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RSM 2210

Course guide for RSM 2210 - Fall 2013

Useful databases for this course include

1. Key Business Ratios
  • International coverage includes company reports, industry reports, news articles, SWOT analyses, etc. Make sure to uncheck the "Suggest Subject Terms" box.
2. EMIS (Emerging Market Information Service)
  • Includes China, India, and other countries that would no longer be considered emerging. No Canada/US coverage. Start by selecting country, then can search for industry information, statistics, company information, annual reports, financials, and more.
3. Mergent
  • North American industry reports broken down by Canada and U.S. coverage, company information and financials for public companies.
4. Factiva
  • International news coverage. Also has industry and company reports. Mergent North American industry reports can be found by searching for Mergent in "Source".
5. Capital IQ
  • Ratios are listed under Financials/Valuation. Screenings can also be used to gather data.
6. Bloomberg
  • Under Equities, DES then ratios is option 3. Can also check RV (relative value) or EQS (Equity Screening Tool).
7. Investext
  • Go to Screening & Analysis. Works only in IE, make sure to log off when finished. If receiving notice that site is full, contact the BIC.
8. S&P Netadvantage 
  • Excellent U.S. industry reports in drop-down menu. Usually updated twice a year, some sub-industry reports available. Company reports include how to analyze company, stock reports, and more.


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