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Kenneth S. Corts

Kenneth Corts

    Kenneth S. Corts

    Vice-Dean, Faculty & Research
    Marcel Desautels Chair in Entrepreneurship
    Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy
    on sabbatical at INSEAD for the 2017/18 academic year

    Degrees: PhD, Princeton University
    BA, Furman University
    Email: Send an email to Kenneth S. Corts
    Phone: 416-946-8600


    Kenneth S. Corts is the Marcel Desautels Chair in Entrepreneurship, Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy, and Vice-Dean, Faculty & Research at the Rotman School of Management. He previously served as Associate Dean, Undergraduate, and Director of Rotman Commerce, the undergraduate commerce program offered jointly by the Rotman School and U of T’s Faculty of Arts and Science. Before joining the Rotman School, he was an Assistant Professor and then Associate Professor in the Competition and Strategy area at Harvard Business School. He received his PhD in Economics from Princeton University in 1994.

    Through his research and teaching, Professor Corts applies advances in industrial organization economics, game theory, and competitive strategy to a wide range of problems and industries. His work addresses topics in pricing, network economics, technology adoption, organizational economics, and competition policy.

    He has published numerous articles in academic journals such as the Rand Journal of Economics, the Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, the Journal of Industrial Economics, the Journal of Law and Economics, and the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy. He has also published a number of Harvard Business School case studies that are used at top business schools throughout the world. He served as Editor at the Journal of Industrial Economics from 2005-2010 and has won grants and fellowships from the National Science Foundation, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. He has been a visiting professor at UCLA and a visiting scholar at UC-Berkeley, INSEAD, and IESE.

    In addition to his academic accomplishments, Professor Corts has provided expert testimony for the Canadian Competition Bureau, co-authored a policy analysis paper for the UK Office of Fair Trading, consulted on criminal antitrust matters in the U.S., and engaged in executive training and consulting for large IT, pharmaceutical, energy, and manufacturing firms.

    Academic Positions

    2015-present  Vice-Dean, Faculty & Research; Rotman School of Management
    2015-present  Marcel Desautels Chair in Entrepreneurship; Rotman School of Management
    2009-present  Professor; Rotman School of Management
    2013  Visiting Professor; INSEAD
    2009-2015  Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education; Rotman School of Management
    2009-2015  Director; Rotman Commerce
    2008  Visiting Scholar; University of California, Berkeley
    2003-2009  Associate Professor; Rotman School of Management
    2000-2003  Associate Professor; Harvard Business School
    1999-2000  Visiting Professor; University of California, Los Angeles
    1994-2000  Assistant Professor; Harvard Business School

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • How the Source of the Entrant's Advantage Limits Enrty-Deterring Tying; Kenneth S. Corts; Canadian Journal of Economics; forthcoming; 2017
    • The Effects of Platform MFNs on Competition and Entry; Andre Boik and Kenneth S. Corts; Journal of Law and Economics; Issue: 59; 2016; Pages: 105-134
    • Finite Optimal Penalties for False Advertising; Kenneth S. Corts; Journal of Industrial Economics; Issue: 62; 2014; Pages: 661-681
    • Prohibitions on False and Unsubstantiated Claims: Inducing the Acquisition and Revelation of Information through Competition Policy; Kenneth Corts; Journal of Law and Economics; Issue: 56; 2013; Pages: 453-486
    • The Interaction of Implicit and Explicit Contracts in Construction and Procurement Contracting; Kenneth S. Corts; Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization; Issue: 28; 2012; Pages: 550-568
    • Building Out Alternative Fuel Retail Infrastructure: Government Fleet Spillovers in E85; Kenneth S. Corts; Journal of Environmental Economics and Management; Issue: 59; 2010; Pages: 219-234
    • Software Exclusivity and the Scope of Indirect Network Effects in the U.S. Home Video Game Market; Kenneth S. Corts and Mara Lederman; International Journal of Industrial Organization; Issue: 27; 2009; Pages: 121-136
    • Stacking the Deck: Idling and Reactivation of Capacity in Offshore Drilling; Kenneth S. Corts; Journal of Economics and Management Strategy; Issue: 17; 2008; Pages: 271-294
    • Teams vs. Individual Accountability: Solving Multi-Task Problems through Job Design; Kenneth S. Corts; Rand Journal of Economics; Issue: 38; 2007; Pages: 468-480
    • The Effects of Repeated Contracting on Contract Choice: Evidence from Offshore Drilling; Kenneth S. Corts and Jasjit Singh; Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization; Issue: 20; 2004; Pages: 230-260
    • Credible Delegation; Kenneth S. Corts and Darwin V. Neher; European Economic Review; Issue: 47; 2003; Pages: 395-407
    • Conduct Parameters and the Measurement of Market Power; Kenneth S. Corts; Journal of Econometrics; Issue: 88; 1999; Pages: 227-225
    • Third-Degree Price Discrimination in Oligopoly: All-Out Competition and Strategic Commitment; Kenneth S. Corts; Rand Journal of Economics; Issue: 29; 1998; Pages: 306-323

    Academic / Professional Service

    2005-2010  Editor; Journal of Industrial Economics
    2004-2005  Associate Editor; International Journal of Industrial Organization
    2003-2005  Associate Editor; Journal of Industrial Economics

    Honors and Awards

    2012-2017  Research Grant; SSHRC
    2010  Best Paper on Competition Economics; Association of Competition Economists
    2010  Paul Geroski Prize; International Journal of Industrial Organization
    2008-2011  Research Grant; SSHRC
    2006  Research Grant; NET Institute

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