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Matthew Feinberg

Matthew Feinberg

    Matthew Feinberg

    Assistant Professor at the Rotman School of Management

    Degrees: PhD. Social Psychology, UC Berkeley
    M.Ed. Framingham State University
    BA. History, Whittier College
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    Matthew Feinberg is an Assistant Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Rotman. He earned his PhD in Social Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley. His research explores the underlying psychological processes that lead individuals to join together to form cohesive groups and societies, with a particular focus on morality and political attitudes. Matthew’s research has been published in journals such as Psychological Science, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Emotion, and Political Psychology. His work has been covered by various media outlets including The Washington Post, New York Times, Reuters, Fox News, Scientific American, Al Jazeera, CBS News, USA Today, WebMD, National Geographic, Huffington Post, and San Francisco Chronicle.

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • The Political Reference Point: How Geography Shapes Political Identity; *Feinberg, M., *Tullett, A. M., Mensch, Z., Hart, W., & Gottlieb, S.; Plos One; Issue: 12; 2017; Pages: e0171497
    • From gulf to bridge: When do moral arguments facilitate political influence?; Feinberg, M. & Willer, R.; Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin; Issue: 41; 2015; Pages: 1665-1681
    • Gossip and ostracism help solve the cooperation problem.; Feinberg, M., Willer, R., & Schultz, M.; Psychological Science; Issue: 25; 2014; Pages: 656-664
    • The moral roots of environmental attitudes.; Feinberg, M. & Willer, R.; Psychological Science; Issue: 24; 2013; Pages: 56-62
    • Flustered and faithful: Embarrassment as a signal of prosocial behavior.; Feinberg, M., Willer, R., & Keltner, D.; Journal of Personality and Social Psychology; Issue: 102; 2012; Pages: 81-97
    • The virtues of gossip: Reputational information sharing as prosocial behavior.; Feinberg, M., Willer, R., Stellar, J. E., & Keltner, D.; Journal of Personality and Social Psychology; Issue: 102; 2012; Pages: 1015-1030

    Research and Teaching Interests

    Collective action, Cooperation and prosocial behavior, Moral judgment and reasoning, Political attitudes and communication, The psychology of protest and activism; Introduction to Organizational Behaviour  

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