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Joe Martin

Joe Martin

    Joe Martin

    Director of Canadian Business History
    Adjunct Professor of Strategic Management
    Executive in Residence  

    Degrees: AMP, Harvard University
    BA (Hons.), University of Manitoba
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    Phone: 416-978-4570


    Joe Martin, formerly the National Partner in Charge of a large Management Consulting firm, is the Director of the Canadian Business & Financial History Initiative at Rotman and President Emeritus of Canada’s History Society. His research is focused on the development of case studies about Canadian business in a global context but has recently been completing research for a book comparing the Canadian and American financial systems from the late 18th century to 2008. He currently serves as interim President of the Canadian Business History Association.


    Academic Positions

    2004 ff  Director of Canadian Business History
    2015-present  Founding President; Canadian Business History Association
    1995-present  Adjunct Professor
    1995 - 2014  Board Member; Impact Consulting

    Non-Academic Positions

    2003-Present  President Emeritus;Canada's National History Society
    2003-2014  Board Member;U of Winnipeg Foundation
    1985-1995  Chairman of Management Consulting Committee;Deloitte, Touche, Tohmatsu International
    1978-1990  Partner in charge;Canadian Practice
    1972-1995  Partner;Deloitte Consulting
    1966-1995  Consultant;Deloitte Consulting
    1967-68  President;Manitoba Historical Society
    1961-1966  Executive Assistant;Premier of Manitoba
    1959-1961  Investment Analyst;Monarch Life Insurance

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • Top Ten Businessmen in Canadian History; Joe Martin; Canada's History Magazine; Issue: September; 2017
    • Creative destruction, eh! Why there's no reason to fear the demise of Canadian companies; Financial Post; 2015
    • Book Review of Reimagining Business History; Philip Scranton & Patrick Fridenson; American History Review; Issue: December; 2014; Pages: 1486
    • Book Review of Foreign Ownership of Canadian Industry 3rd edition; Ed Safarian; Labour/Le Travail; Issue: Spring; 2014; Pages: 369-371
    • Who's the Father of Canada's Banks?; Toronto Star; 2014
    • Great Depression Hit One Country Hardest of All; Bloomberg Blog; 2013
    • Canada, the United States and the European Union: Neglected Lessons in Building a Currency Zone Out of Separate States; with Christopher Kobrak and Don Brean; Banking and Finance in Historical Perspective; 2013
    • Lessons From Canadian Business History; Rotman Management; Issue: Fall; 2013
    • Opporunties in the Asia Pacific Region for Canadian Life Insurers in the early 1990s; Joseph E. Martin; EABH; 2013; Pages: 517-550
    • 10 Big Deals; Canada's History; Issue: April.May; 2012
    • A Concise History of Capitalism; Rotman Management; Issue: Winter; 2003
    • The Lindbergh's Arctic Flight; Dieter K. Buse and Marthe Brown; The Beaver; Issue: April/May; 2002
    • The Bottom Line at Century's End; The Beaver; Issue: December 1999/January; 2000
    • The Value of a Liberal Arts Education in Business; The Alumni Journal, University of Winnipeg; 1998
    • Management Requirements for the Late 90s; Business Quarterly; Issue: Summer; 1994
    • Going International; Business Quarterly; Issue: Summer; 1993; Pages: 72-77
    • William Lyon Mackenzie King: Canada's First Management Consultant?; Business Quarterly, University of Western Ontario, republished in Journal of Management Consulting; 1991
    • An Historical Perspective: Developments in the Canadian Management Consulting Profession; CMC Journal; Issue: Summer; 1991; Pages: 7- 9
    • Doing Business in Japan: A Personal View; Business Quarterly; Issue: Winter; 1987; Pages: 58-62
    • Biography of Elton Mayo Highlights His Contributions to Managment Theory; Business Quarterly; Issue: Fall; 1985
    • A New Phenomenom: anti Canadian sentiment in U.S. business community; with Mark Palmer; Business Quarterly; Issue: Winter; 1981; Pages: 56-60
    • The Government Squeeze; Journal of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Toronto; Issue: February; 1975; Pages: 2-7
    • Real Property Taxation: Stirrings of Reform; Canadian Tax Journal; Issue: September-October; 1972; Pages: 437-452
    • Management Consultants in the Public Sector; with Harry Meredith; Canadian Public Administration; Issue: Winter; 1970; Pages: 383-95
    • Bloodshed at Seven Oaks; The Beaver; Issue: Summer; 1966

    Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

    • From Wall Street to Bay Street: A Comparative History of the Financial Systems of the US and Canada; C.P. Kobrak & Joe Martin; Rotman/UTP; 2017
    • Foreword to Fire in the Belly, How Purdy Crawford Rescued Canada; Gotdon Pitts; Nimnus Publications; 2014; Pages: v-vii
    • Foreword to Smart Globalization; ed Andrew Smith & Dimitry Anastaskis; UTP; 2013
    • Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific Region for Canadian Life Insurers in the Early 1990s; Joseph E. Martin; EABH; Issue: Studies in Banking and Financial History; 2013; Pages: 517-551
    • 4 Days in 100 Days That Changed Canada; Harper Collins; 2011
    • Relentless Change, A Case Book for the Study of Business History; UTP/Rotman School of Management; 2009
    • Case 2 AGF Management Limited; Hitti, Ireland, Hoskisson, Sheppard, Rowe; Thomson. Nelson; Issue: in Strategic Management, Competitiveness and Globalization Cases; 2007; Pages: 30-35
    • The Role and Place of Ontario in the Canadian Confederation; Ontario Economic Council; Issue: The Evolution Policy in Contemporary Ontario; 1974
    • Real Property Tax; Stirrings of Reform; Lloyd Axworthy, James M. Gillies; Butterworth; Issue: in The City: Canada’s Prospects, Canada’s Problems; 1973; Pages: 289-300

    Recent Presentations

    • Sir John A Macdonald, Son of Glasgow, Father of Canada; Association of Business Historians; July 1; 2017; Pages: Glasgow
    • Social Responsibility, Bloodshed at Seven Oaks and the 1821 Merger of the Hudson's Bay and Northwest Companies; From Public Interest to Private Property, Rotman School of Management; May; 2016
    • The Entry Strategy of an American Non Life Insurer to the Japanese Market in the Early 1990s; World Congress on Business History, Bergen, Norway; August; 2016
    • Public Policy Decisions that Shaped Canada's Financial System; Ottawa U of T and Rotman Alumni; 2015
    • From the Dot.Com Boom Bust to the Credit and Soverign Debt Crises & Beyond; Osgoode Hall; 2014
    • The Case Method of Teaching Business History; Wilfrid Laurier University; 2014
    • Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific Region for Canadian Life Insurance Companies in the Early 1990s; European Association for Banking and Financial History, Warsaw; 2013
    • Ontario's Business History and the Important Influence it has on Ontario's Business Culture and Productivity Performance; 2011
    • Four Centuries of Relentless Change in Huronia; Huronia Museum; 2011
    • Donald Alexander Smith, 1st Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal; Glendon Campus, York University; 2011
    • Establishing a Business History Program in a Graduate School of Business; Annual Economic & Business History Conference in Braga, Portual; May 29; 2010

    Honors and Awards

    2015  H. Sanford Rilwey Fellow in Canadian History; University of Winnipeg
    2013  Golden Jubilee Award; Canadian Association of Management Consultants
    2013  Heritage Champion Award; Enoch Turner Schoolhouse Foundation
    2012  Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal
    2008  Philip B. Lind Award; WNED/PBS
    2008  Visiting Scholar; University of Sydney, Australia
    2004  Arbor Award; University of Toronto
    1995  LLD, Honoris Causa; University of Winnipeg
    1983  Fellow of the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Ontario (FCMC)

    Professional Affiliations/Memberships

    Canadian Business History Association
    Business History Conference

    Research and Teaching Interests

    Canadian Business History, Political History of Conservative Party, Management Theory  

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