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Joe Martin

Joe Martin

    Joe Martin

    Director of Canadian Business History
    Adjunct Professor of Strategic Management
    Executive in Residence  

    Degrees: AMP, Harvard University
    BA (Hons.), University of Manitoba
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    Phone: 416-978-4570


    Joe Martin is the Director of the Canadian Business History Program, Adjunct Professor of Strategy and Executive in Residence at Rotman. A graduate of the University of Manitoba, Joe attended the Advanced Management Program at the Harvard Business School. He is the author of Relentless Change, A Case Book for the Study of Canadian Business History. Joe’s research is focused on the development of more case studies about Canadian business in a global context.

    Academic Positions

    2004 ff  Director of Canadian Business History
    1995 -Present  Board Member; Impact Consulting

    Non-Academic Positions

    2003-Present  President Emeritus; Canada's National History Society
    2009-2011  Chair of Governors; National Business Centre of Canada
    2003-Present  Board Member; U of Winnipeg Foundation
    2007-Present  Canadian Advisory Board; WNED
    1996-Present  Board Member; AGF Group of Funds
    1985-1995  Chairman of Management Consulting Committee; Deloitte, Touche, Tohmatsu International
    1978-1990  Partner in charge; Canadian Practice
    1972-1995  Partner; Deloitte Consulting
    1966-1995  Consultant; Deloitte Consulting
    1967-68  President; Manitoba Historical Society
    1961-1966  Executive Assistant; Premier of Manitoba
    1959-1961  Investment Analyst; Monarch Life Insurance

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • 10 Big Deals; Canada's History; Issue: April.May; 2012
    • Book Review of Bennett by John Boyko; Canada's History; Issue: December-January; 2010
    • Book Review of Blue Thunder by Bob Plamandon; Canada's History; Issue: Febuary-March; 2010
    • Toronto's tower busts; Financial Post; Issue: January 8; 2010
    • Let’s be Honest about 'Honest John'; Toronto Globe and Mail; Issue: June 11; 2007
    • Ontario Political Dynasty, Hanging in the Balance; National Post; Issue: September 15; 2004
    • A Concise History of Capitalism; Rotman Management; Issue: Winter; 2003
    • Poverty Doesn't Cause Terrorism; Financial Post; Issue: September 17; 2002
    • The Lindbergh's Arctic Flight; Dieter K. Buse and Marthe Brown; The Beaver; Issue: April/May; 2002
    • The Bottom Line at Century's End; The Beaver; Issue: December 1999/January; 2000
    • Boom?What Boom?; The Financial Post; Issue: March 30; 2000
    • The Value of a Liberal Arts Education in Business; The Alumni Journal, University of Winnipeg; 1998
    • Management Requirements for the Late 90s; Ivey Business Quarterly; Issue: Summer; 1994
    • Going International; Ivey Business Quarterly; Issue: Summer; 1993; Pages: 72-77
    • William Lyon Mackenzie King: Canada's First Management Consultant?; Business Quarterly, University of Western Ontario, republished in Journal of Management Consulting; 1991
    • An Historical Perspective: Developments in the Canadian Management Consulting Profession; CMC Journal; Issue: Summer; 1991; Pages: 7- 9
    • Doing Business in Japan: A Personal View; Ivey Business Quarterly; Issue: Winter; 1987; Pages: 58-62
    • Management Trends in the mid-80s-Lean and Getting Meaner; Ivey Business Quarterly; Issue: Spring; 1985
    • A New Phenomenom: anti Canadian sentiment in U.S. business community; with Mark Palmer; Business Quarterly; Issue: Winter; 1981; Pages: 56-60
    • The Government Squeeze; Journal of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Toronto; Issue: February; 1975; Pages: 2-7
    • Real Property Taxation: Stirrings of Reform; Canadian Tax Journal; Issue: September-October; 1972; Pages: 437-452
    • Management Consultants in the Public Sector; with Harry Meredith; Canadian Public Administration; Issue: Winter; 1970; Pages: 383-95

    Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

    • 4 Days in 100 Days That Changed Canada; Harper Collins; 2011
    • Relentless Change, A Case Book for the Study of Business History; UTP/Rotman School of Management; 2009
    • Case 2 AGF Management Limited; Hitti, Ireland, Hoskisson, Sheppard, Rowe; Thomson. Nelson; Issue: in Strategic Management, Competitiveness and Globalization Cases; 2007; Pages: 30-35
    • The Role and Place of Ontario in the Canadian Confederation; Ontario Economic Council; Issue: n The Evolution Policy in Contemporary Ontario; 1974
    • Real Property Tax; Stirrings of Reform; Lloyd Axworthy, James M. Gillies; Butterworth; Issue: in The City: Canada’s Prospects, Canada’s Problems; 1973; Pages: 289-300

    Recent Presentations

    • A Concise History of the Canadian Financial System; ECSP; 2012
    • Ontario's Business History and the Important Influence it has on Ontario's Business Culture and Productivity Performance; 2011
    • From the Dot.Com Boom Bust to the Credit and Sovereign Debt Crises; Osgoode Hall Law School; 2011
    • Four Centuries of Relentless Change in Huronia; Huronia Museum; 2011
    • Donald Alexander Smith, 1st Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal; Glendon Campus, York University; 2011
    • The Big Blue Machine in the Stanfield/Davis Years; Albany Club of Toronto; October 27; 2010
    • In Honour of the 80th Anniversary of the Election of R.B. Bennett as Prime Minister of Canada; Albany Club of Toronto; June 15; 2010
    • Establishing a Business History Program in a Graduate School of Business; 35th Annual Economic & Business Historical Conference Society; May 29; 2010
    • The Evolution of Capitalism in Canada and Australia in the 20th Century; The Business & Labour History Group, University of Australai; March 10; 2008
    • The Evolving Role of the CSO [Chief Strategy Officer]; Accenture North American Web Cast; May 30; 2008
    • The Canadian Experience With Capitalism and Democracy or ‘Canada Owes a Debt to Alexander Hamilton; Harvard Business School Club of Ottawa, HBS Centennial Seminar; June 18; 2008
    • Early Evidence of the Shift of the Commercial Centre of Canada from Montreal to Toronto; McCord Museum/Carleton University Colloquium on Trading Places; November 4; 2006
    • A Concise History of Canadian Business; Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University; December 12; 2005

    Honors and Awards

    1983  Fellow of the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Ontario (FCMC)
    1995  LLD, Honoris Causa; University of Winnipeg
    2004  Arbor Award; University of Toronto
    2008  Philip B. Lind Award; WNED/PBS
    2008  Visiting Scholar; University of Sydney, Australia

    Professional Affiliations/Memberships

    Business History Conference

    Research and Teaching Interests

    Business History Canadian Political History of Conservative Party Management Theory  

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