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Joanne E. Oxley

Joanne Oxley

    Joanne E. Oxley

    Associate Dean, Faculty
    McCutcheon Professor of International Business”
    Professor of Strategic Management

    Degrees: PhD, University of California, Berkeley
    MA, University of California, Berkeley
    MBA, University of California, Berkeley
    BA/BSc , Trent Polytechnic, U.K
    Email: Send an email to Joanne E. Oxley
    Phone: 416-978-0305


    Joanne Oxley is the McCutcheon Professor of International Business and Professor of Strategic Management at Rotman. Her research focuses on outsourcing and collaborative strategies, and explores how international differences in economic and institutional environments impact firm strategy and performance.  

    Academic Positions

    2012-  Professor, Strategic Management; Rotman School, University of Toronto
    2004-2012  Associate Professor, Strategic Management; Rotman School, University of Toronto
    June 2010  Visiting Professor; University of Paris, Sorbonne
    Spring 2008  Visiting Scholar; Insead
    1995-2004  Assistant Professor, Corporate Strategy and International Business; University of Michigan

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • Equity-Based Incentives and Collaboration in the Modern Multibusiness Firm; with Gurupdesh Pandher; Strategic Management Journal; Issue: 37 (7); 2015; Pages: 1379-1394
    • Learning by Supplying; with J. Alcacer; Strategic Management Journal; Issue: 35; 2014; Pages: 204-223
    • Vertical Relationships, Hostages, and Supplier Performance in the Japanese Automotive Industry; with C.Ahmadjian; Journal of Law, Economics and Organization; Issue: 29 (3); 2013; Pages: 485-512
    • Overcoming the Dual Liabilities of Foreignness and Privateness in International Corporate Citizenship Partnerships; with Z Bhanji; Journal of International Business Studies; Issue: 44; 2013; Pages: 290-311
    • Let's Work It Out (Or We'll See You in Court); with F. Lumineau; Organization Science; Issue: 23; 2012; Pages: 820-834
    • The Strategy Research Initiative: Recognizing and Encouraging High-Quality Research in Strategy; with J. Rivkin and M. Ryall; Strategic Organization; Issue: 8 (4); 2010; Pages: 377-386
    • Arms Race or Détente? How Inter-Firm Alliance Announcements Change the Stock Market Valuation of Rivals; with R.C. Sampson & B.S. Silverman; Management Science; Issue: 55 (8); 2009; Pages: 1321-1337
    • Alliance Structure and the Scope of Knowledge Transfer: Evidence from US-Japan Agreements; with T. Wada; Management Science; Issue: 55 (4); 2009; Pages: 635-649
    • Using Hostages to Support Exchange: Dependence Balancing and Equity Ties in Japanese Automotive Supply Relationships; with C. Ahmadjian, C.; Journal of Law, Economics and Organization; Issue: 22(1); 2006; Pages: 213-233
    • The Scope and Governance of International R&D Alliances; with R.C. Sampson; Strategic Management Journal; Issue: 25 (8-9); 2004; Pages: 723-750
    • International Franchising Practices in Mexico: Do Franchisors Customize Their Contracts?; with F. Lafontaine; Journal of Economics and Management Strategy; Issue: 13(1); 2004; Pages: 95-120
    • E-Commerce Readiness: Institutions and International Competitiveness; with B. Yeung; Journal of International Business Studies; Issue: 32 (4); 2001; Pages: 705-723
    • Globalization Derailed? Multinational Investors' Response to the 1997 Denial of Fast-Track Trade Negotiating Authority; with K.E. Schnietz; Journal of International Business Studies; Issue: 32 (3); 2001; Pages: 479-496
    • Institutional Environment and the Mechanisms of Governance: The Impact of Intellectual Property Protection on the Structure of Inter-firm Alliances; Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization; Issue: 38 (3); 1999; Pages: 283-309
    • Technological Overlap and Interfirm Cooperation: Implications for the Resource-Based View of the Firm; with D.C. Mowery & B. S. Silverman; Research Policy; Issue: 27 (5); 1998; Pages: 507-523
    • Appropriability Hazards and Governance in Strategic Alliances: A Transaction Cost Approach; Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization; Issue: 13 (2); 1997; Pages: 387-409
    • Strategic Alliances and Interfirm Knowledge Transfer; with D.C. Mowery & B. S. Silverman; Strategic Management Journal; Issue: 17 (S2); 1996; Pages: 77-91

    Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

    • Collaboration and Competition in Business Ecosystems; Co-edited with R. Adner and B. Silverman; Advances in Strategic Management; Issue: 30; 2013

    Academic / Professional Service

    2015-2016  Director of Faculty Recruiting; Rotman School of Management
    2013-2014  Acting PhD Director; Rotman School of Management
    2017-  Senior Editor; Strategy Science
    2014-2016  President & Executive Board Member; Strategy Research Initiative
    2014-2017  Associate Editor; Strategic Management Journal
    2013-2016  Consulting Editor; Journal of International Business Studies
    2009-2015  Associate Editor; Management Science
    2009-2012; 2015-  Board of Directors; International Society for the New Institutional Economics,
    2009-2010  Division Chair; Academy of Management, Business Policy and Strategy Division
    2007-2008  Program Chair; Academy of Management, BPS Division
    2003-  Editorial Board; Organization Science
    2001-  Editorial Board; Strategic Organization

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