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Gonzalo Romero

Maria Rotundo

    Gonzalo Romero

    Assistant Professor, Operations Management and Statistics

    Degrees: PhD in Operations Management, MIT
    Industrial Engineering degree, University of Chile
    BS in Industrial Engineering, University of Chile
    Email: Send an email to Gonzalo Romero

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • On the Effectiveness of Uniform Subsidies in Increasing Market Consumption; with R. Levi and G. Perakis; Management Science; Issue: 63(1); 2017; Pages: 40-57
    • A continuous knapsack problem with separable convex utilities: Approximation algorithms and applications; with R. Levi and G. Perakis; Operations Research Letters; Issue: 42(5); 2014; Pages: 367-373
    • An Approach for Efficient Ship Routing; with G. Duran, J. Marenco and A. Weintraub; International Transactions in Operational Research; Issue: 20(6); 2013; Pages: 767-794
    • Near-Optimality of Uniform Co-payments for Subsidies and Taxes Allocation Problems; with R. Levi and G. Perakis; Minor Revision requested in Operations Research
    • Operations Strategy at the Base of the Pyramid: Consumer Education and Reverse Logistics in a Durable Goods Supply Chain; with A. Calmon, D. J. Rajasingh, and J. Stenson; Submitted
    • Optimizing Purchasing and Handling Costs for Supply Chain Procurement; with B. Genser, R. Levi and G. Perakis; To be submitted soon
    • A Risk-Sharing Pricing Contract for Healthcare Referral Services; with F. Bravo, R. Levi and G. Perakis; To be submitted soon
    • Revenue Management for Repeated Interactions; with A. Calmon and D. F. Ciocan; Work in Progress

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    Research and Teaching Interests

    My research interests include humanitarian operations management, healthcare and supply chain management. I am particularly interested in subsidy allocation problems, and designing practical contracts in the above settings.  

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