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Wally Smieliauskas

Wally Smieliauskas

    Wally Smieliauskas

    Professor of Accounting  

    Degrees: PhD, University of Wisconsin
    MS, University of Illinois
    BS, University of Illinois
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    Wally Smieliauskas is Professor of Accounting at Rotman. His research interests include auditing, accounting, and education issues. His audit textbook (with Kathryn Bewley), Auditing: An International Approach, is in its 6th edition.

    Academic Positions

      Professor of Accounting; University of Toronto
      Associate Professor; University of Toronto
      Assistant Professor; University of Toronto
      Lecturer; University of Toronto
    1988-1993  Director, MBA in Professional Accounting Program; University of Toronto

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • Commentary: Estimation Uncertainty and the IASB's Proposed Conceptual Framework; with R. Craig and J. Amernic; Australian Accounting Review; Issue: 1; 2017; Pages: 112-114
    • Auditor Conservatism and Banks' Measurement Uncertainty During the Financial Crisis; with F. Chen, K. Lam and M. Ye; International Journal of Auditing; Issue: 1; 2016; Pages: 52-65
    • Assessing Conformity with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Using Expert Accounting Witness Evidence and the Conceptual Framework; with R. Craig and J. Amernic; Australian Accounting Review; Issue: 3; 2014; Pages: 200-206
    • Principles-based Reasoning about Accounting Estimates; Accounting Perspectives; Issue: 4; 2012; Pages: 259-296
    • Incorporating Uncertainty into Accounting Estimates of Pension Liabilites; with U. Menzefricke; International Journal of Pension Management; Issue: 1; 2012; Pages: 26-32
    • Dynamic Analysis of Bayesian Audit Strategies with Tests of Control and Reliability Modeling; with W. Chen and U. Menzefricke; Grey Systems: Theory and Applications; Issue: 3; 2011; Pages: 216-227
    • A Proposal to Replace 'True and Fair View' with 'Acceptable Risk of Material Misstatement'; with R. Craig and J. Amernic; Abacus; Issue: 44(3); 2008; Pages: 225-250
    • A Framework for Identifying (and Avoiding) Fraudulent Financial Reporting; Accounting Perspectives; Issue: 7(3); 2008; Pages: 189-226
    • What's Wrong with the Current Audit Risk Model?; Accounting Perspectives; Issue: 6(4); 2007; Pages: 343-368
    • Introduction and Commentary: Forum on Forensic Accounting in the Post-Enron World; Accounting Perspectives; Issue: 5(2); 2006; Pages: 239-256
    • Quality Financial Reporting and Its Relationship to Audit Quality via an Expanded Risk Model; with K. Lam; Journal of Forensic Accounting; Issue: 4(2); 2004; Pages: 273-311
    • Protecting Privacy; with W. Duff and H. Yoos; Information Management Journal; Issue: 21(4); 2001; Pages: 14-30
    • Further Tests of the Modified Moment Bound in Audit Sampling of Accounting Populations; with H. Chan; Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory; Issue: Fall; 1990
    • A Theory of Evidence Based on Audit Assertions; Contemporary Accounting Research; Issue: Spring; 1990

    Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

    • Auditing, An International Approach; with K. Bewley; McGraw-Hill Ryerson; Issue: 7th Ed; 2016
    • A Framework for Assurance Evidence and Its Role In Accounting; Canadian Academic Accounting Association; Issue: 1st Ed; 1999
    • Auditing I Lesson Notes; Certified General Accountants Association of Canada; Issue: 7th Ed; 1998

    Honors and Awards

    1992  Award for Outstanding Service to the MBA in Accounting Program; University of Toronto

    Research and Teaching Interests

    Teaches courses in Auditing and Accounting  

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